Mac Miller - "S.D.S."

His ascent was one of the most annoying things to happen to rap music in recent years, but the goonish Pittsburgh weed-rapper Mac Miller has lately been threatening to become interesting. For one thing, Macklemore happened, so Miller is no longer the most annoying white rapper named “Mac” to top a Billboard chart. For another, he appeared alongside Earl Sweatshirt at Low End Theory, and he’s apparently on Earl’s album, both of which count for something. And now, he’s become the first mainstream-popular rapper ever to solicit a beat from bass-music wizard Flying Lotus. FlyLo produced “S.D.S.,” the supremely stoned new Mac Miller single, on which Miller references both his Dawson’s Creek fandom and his resemblance to David Duchovny. It’s not like he’s suddenly transforming into MF Doom or anything, but at least he’s trying, and that beat is a thing of woozy beauty. Hear the track below.

(via Pitchfork)

“S.D.S.” is out on iTunes tomorrow.

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  1. I still don’t really like him as a rapper, he seems like a cool guy though and decent producer himself, his cred went way up this year with his earl connections, and collaborating with FlyLo is hype.

    I heard in an interview that he basically realized how shitty his fans were (teenage girls who smoke weed to look cool) and decided to change his game, which i think is both hilarious and respectable.

    • any chance you know where I can read that interview?

      • I think it actually may have been something earl said in his recent peter rosenberg interview, I may be wrong though, it was awhile ago.

    • That’s kind of cool, but his stupid ass music and permanent I’m To Cool nonplussed expression is still the reason those girls liked him. This is a decent track, but his voice kinda sucks. I’m willing to give him more of a chance, but is he going to be the Childish Gambino of 2013 where every track is going to be posted now? This beat brings the track up a million levels, which reminds me of an apt quote:

      “Y’all use beats for help, we help the beats” – The Lox

  2. Blue Slide Park was pretty terrible, but I’ve been keeping my eye on Mac Miller. He’s got potential.

    All aboard the bandwagon.

  3. This is good

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