Pure X - Thousand Year Old Child

“Thousand Year Old Child” is the third release from Pure X’s upcoming LP Crawling Up The Stairs. It’s a wispy, twangy heartbreak song seen through the lens of repetitive failure in love. Check it out below.

Crawling Up The Stairs is out 5/14 via Ac├ęphale.

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  1. Curious to hear these guys now with a much higher quality recording. I immediately noticed that here. Pleasure was good, but their dreamy, fuzzed out stuff deserves earphone quality sound. That was way too muffled.

    • Pleasure wasn’t a lower quality recording though it is a different circumstance in the recording process. Pleasure was recorded completely live, with no overdubs, and mixed in a way that allows the forefront of the headspace in the mix to be inhabited by the noise, which becomes its own voice of turmoil amid all the vocalized pain within the rest of the album.

      It is meant to sound claustrophobic, damp, dark, sad, alone – because that is the emotional headspace they were in and that the listener should inhabit when listening to it.

      This album is a complete change-up though still retaining much of their same characteristic.

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