Win Butler & Regine Chassagne

As of last weekend, Win Butler and Regine Chassagne are officially parents. The couple’s first child was born on Sunday April 21st, according to Barry Mack, the pastor at Montreal’s St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Saint-Lambert. Mack told the news to Le Journal de Montréal, saying, “C’était un mariage à leur image. C’est bien de voir qu’ils sont toujours ensemble et qu’ils ont aujourd’hui un bébé. C’est un peu rare dans l’industrie du divertissement.” In English, that translates to, “It’s good to see that they are still together and they now have a baby. It’s a bit rare in the entertainment industry.” The name of the baby was not revealed in the interview, but the child is a boy and weighs seven pounds. The Arcade Fire are currently working on a follow-up to their 2010 LP The Suburbs, though no details are available yet. As we learned in December though, the band is working with James Murphy.

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  1. Come on, universe. Give him a daughter while he’s still young.

  2. That’s one lucky boy.
    I bet they are going to play him “Wake Up” every morning!

  3. They should have named him Laika.

  4. Wasn’t this yesterday’s news?

  5. He’ll probably be in the band by the next tour.

  6. If my name was Win, I would be unable to resist naming my son “Loser.”


    Just kidding. I love babies. Congrats to the couple, I couldn’t imagine cooler parents

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