Boards of Canada commercial

Boards Of Canada have sent fans on a crazy treasure hunt of sorts throughout the past week. First, the band released a mysterious string of six 12-inch records on Record Store Day, each containing audio of a unique 6-digit number. Apparently, when all codes are put together, they make up some sort of secret message the band is trying to communicate. Things got even more complicated later in the week, as more coded messages from the band started surfacing on their YouTube channel, assorted radio shows and message boards. On top of all this, last night the band aired a commercial on the Cartoon Network. The commercial was 90-seconds long and suggested that the secret code should read: “699742 / 628315 / 717228 / 936557 / —— / 519225.” Check it out below.

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  1. The plot thickens. I love this shit. I really hope I have to hike to the top of a mountain or explore some sort of cave in order to buy whatever music is (hopefully) at the end of this rainbow.

  2. How many people watching Cartoon Network have even heard of Boards of Canada?

    • I was first introduced to Boards of Canada, MF DOOM, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Grizzly Bear, Battles, Teebs, Gold Panda, and probably a bunch of other artists thanks to Cartoon Network’s adult swim block, which was when this aired. Also their day time shows Adventure Time and Regular Show are chock full of music references.

      So at least one person.

    • Cartoon Network has been using Boards of Canada as bumper music for years now.

  3. FYI

    This number was the same number that aired on NPR last week. It was then aired inside Rough Trade East in London while this commercial was projected onto the windows. Then it aired on adult swim. So this is the 3rd time this number has been “broadcast”

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