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A couple weeks ago I wrote complimentary things about “Flick Of The Finger,” the first track to be released from BE, the second album from Beady Eye (aka Oasis sans Noel Gallagher). Now we’ve got another new one, and man, I like this even more than the first. Dave Sitek produced BE, and there are definitely textural and instrumental similarities to TV On The Radio here (especially in the incredible horns that propel the track). It’s retro as hell, yeah, but Sitek treats that (essential) aspect of the band’s identity with a wink, and in doing so, makes it feel oddly contemporary. Liam Gallagher has got a million effects on his voice, to the extent that I can’t tell if he’s actually singing this thing at all, but whatever the hell is happening, it sounds fantastic. Listen.

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  1. Hi, Dave Sitek, I’m thinking of making a song that has that Dave Sitek kind of sound…

  2. The production is awesome. But it doesn’t fit Liam at all or his voice. Kind of a bummer.

  3. I actually like the dry sound of Liams voice. A big change from the reverb soaked double-track of yesteryear. And, frankly, this is much closer to his live singing voice (for better or for worse). I’m really liking the direction of this album…it’s actually *interesting*! Color me pleasantly surprised.

  4. Total “Time of the Season” drumbeat rip. Still love these guys.

    • True, but there are lots of other things going on so it’s easy to be otherwise distracted. Still, after two listens my early guess is that it will get tired for me pretty easily. Will wait to hear it in context of the album.

  5. It will be interesting to see how this album turns out since Liam might officially be out of Beatles choruses to knock-off

  6. Very good review.
    I really like that track and their new direction.It’s definitely something different, something new and interesting.With every listen it takes you to another level.
    Seems that Beady Eye have something great in their hands.

  7. I agree this is a bit more like it. Its about time Liam came out of his comfort zone, and this is a bit more experimental, which is something I never though I was gonna be able to say about either of the Gallaghers. With regards to the authors comments on Liam’s voice, well I don’t agree. This is the cleanest I’ve heard Liam’s voice in years and its stripped back with pretty much no effects so god knows what your listening to. They recorded an acoustic version of this on French radio which is on youtube, Liams vocals sound exactly the same, if not a little better. I thought he’d lost control of his vocals, but the new recordings have pleasantly surprised me, his vocals are stronger than ever.

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