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Someone at Mountain Dew thought it would be a good idea to let Tyler, The Creator direct some online commercials for them, and amazingly, that decision somehow blew up in their faces. Tyler’s series of ads revolves around a nefarious goat named Felicia who talks in Tyler’s voice and who wreaks annoying havoc on anyone around. In the ad in question, Felicia is part of a police lineup, one otherwise populated exclusively by black men, as a beat-up elderly white woman freaks out with fear about identifying her attacker. This is, of course, played for laughs. As Billboard reports, a Pepsi spokesperson apologized for the ad and “said [the company] understood how the ad could be offensive.” What’s still not clear is who the ad could’ve ever appealed to. The ad has since been pulled from YouTube, but thanks to the public servants at Worldstar, you can watch it below.

Two other Tyler ads, including one where the goat attacks a waitress, remain online.

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  1. I don’t even see how Pepsi put any of these on the air in the first place.

  2. I feel like if they put a disclaimer at the end “Directed by Tyler, The Creator” it wouldn’t have been labeled “The Most Racist Commerical of all time.

  3. Not to mention the first ad glamorized abusing women.

  4. You can throw up your hands and say, “well, what do you expect from Tyler, The Creator!” But, somebody at Pepsi approved the ad. I just don’t know how some people have jobs when so many talented people are out of work. SMH.

    • Okay seriously, the fact that people think this is racist just shows how fucking racist our country is. Just because the line-up are all black people that doesn’t make it fucking racist. Those are Tyler’s friends, he wanted to advertise his TV show which features all of those guys. The goat is obviously the culprit, so what is it really racist towards? Black people or goats? To me, it’s much more racist to think it’s racist. Pulling the race card on every little thing is what sparks racism.

      Stop acting as if the color of someone’s skin should differentiate them from other people because if you really believe in equality then you would treat them like a human being. Not a black man, but a human being. You’d probably be offended if I said that I think African American history month is ridiculous right? Well do you want a White history month? Do you really have to relegate an african american to a month? African American history is American history. Our nation really has gone so blinded by guilt that we just throw the racist card out there for no reason.

  5. I dig some of the music (Earl mostly) but holy shit these kids aren’t funny at all.


  7. “It’s not racist because I’m friends with Frank Ocean, and he’s black.” -Tyler

  8. It’s not racist, it’s just stupid. Like the Loiter Squad show. Love a lot of the OF projects musically and their antics can be amusing but these skits are just unfunny and dumb.

  9. I always wondered how people didn’t react this way to all the carl’s jr. commericals…

  10. ‘played for laughs’? Would help if it was funny.

  11. 0% funny at all…shame on pepsi and shame on people who think tyler the creator is an artist

  12. I find this shit pretty funny. It’s just tyler fooling around.

    • Yeah I know right? I don’t get why people are being so butthurt about it. I seriously don’t see what’s “offensive” about the advertisement….. A woman was brutally attacked, so she had to point out who did it, but the deer keeps on pressuring her until she cracks. Unless the animal was harmed in the making of the video, I don’t see why this would be offensive… smh

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  14. I think Pepsi got exactly what it wanted…

  15. What THE FUCK ?!?!? Pepsi just lost my business. Why was this even released in the first place? The idiot who made that descision needs to be fired. Tyler’s an idiot and should not be allowed to breed. Sheesh.

  16. These commercials are not country cool and are too extreme to do the Dew are most certainly not the choice of a new generation.

  17. it isnt racist

  18. cody88…get an education,you dummy! Show respect to your fellow man(person). Life is hard enough without your bullshit!Everyone needs to calm down,life is short.

  19. These aren’t fucking racist you moronic fools. It’s just a stupid joke about a weird talking goat taunting a woman. It’s not racist, but it does crosses the ignorant line of a very, very, very sensitive society that will pull the race card out for the most minuscule/idiotic things. Plus, it does say directed by tyler the creator practically, it showed the loiter squad logo thus making it an advertisement for both mountain dew and loiter squad.

  20. This was made by Tyler the Creator. It’s not racist, the guys black and a couple of the people in the commercial are his friends. Its just dumb. Love Tyler and OF but I even admit this was in odd taste. In fact I think he was just fucking with Pepsi probably. Someone said ‘Wanna do a commercial?’ and he saw it as a prime time to pull a big ass prank.

  21. Lol, you guys are wayyyyy to serious. I mean its a SODA commercial… Jesus, and ontop of that it was HILARIOUS! “Snitches get stiches” lol…. everyone is so up in air about the commercial being racist, try worrying about something you can change…..this is America, racism exists an will continue to exist. Change what you can, STOP giving your FAT ASS KIDS these damn sodas in the first place. SUGAR IS THE DEVIL!

  22. In no way is this racist, it is about a goat that is addicted to Mountain Dew. When the commercial starts, Felicia says “Yeah its me. You should have gave me some more.” he was talking about Mountain Dew. At the end he is also saying “dew!” witch is proof for his “addiction” to Mountain Dew. The point is that the goat is addicted to Mountain Dew and beat up the women because she didn’t give him more Mountain Dew. The woman in the commercial who ran away screaming was not focused on any of the black men up there she was only focused on the goat.

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