Vampire Weekend - "Ya Hey" Lyrics Video

Of the many words I spilled in tribute to Vampire Weekend’s triumphant Roseland Ballroom show, it was those about “Ya Hey” that I repeated most, primarily to say “It’s the anthem.” Which it was, and is, in a vocal-effected, crowd-rousing yet introspective 92BPM sorta way. Put your damn hands up, but do so pensively please. The most immediate of the previously unreleased songs that night, and the only one to have a Steve Buscemi onstage bit dedicated to its introduction, it’s no surprise to see “Ya Hey” take its place as the next official listen from Modern Vampires. The album’s less than two weeks off, so this will probably have to tide you over until they serve up the whole platter. It should do the trick though. Ezra’s going in on the couplets herein, so the lyric video is just. And as far as lyric-videos go, this one’s quite video-video, with Vampire Weekend friend Jenny (she of “Giving Up The Gun and so many others) spraying champagne (along with so many others), and some nice views from NYC rooftops. Hey ya!. Watch:

Modern Vampires Of The City is out 5/14 via XL. A few days before that, the band will be the music guest on 5/11′s Kristin Wiig-hosted Saturday Night Live. They’re headlining the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this summer, too.

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  1. this LP is gonna take over 2013, every song is phenomenal

    looks like i might have to buy some bottles of champagne today

    love about halfway through with the “?” lyrics haha

  2. very sexual

  3. love the verses but man the chorus irks me so bad

  4. What?! No burning Saabs?!

  5. I could do without the bizarre-ass chipmunk voices in the chorus, but the rest of the song is so fantastic I’m hoping it will grow on me…

  6. This is my favourite one so far. Loving all the vocals going on.

  7. This is my least favorite song in their entire catalog :(

    I wish they would have done one for Unbelievers instead.

  8. Loved this song live, and the studio version reminds me a lot of “The Only Living Boy in New York” ( which is one of my favourite songs of all time.

    This is most definitely the anthem.

  9. It’s really hard not be be completely enamored with these guys. So easy on the ears.

  10. Don’t get how everyone doesn’t love the pitched up vocals. Gonna be humming that shit all day.

  11. I’m still trying to figure out why they’re called Vampire Weekend.

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  13. Maybe I am just all hopped up on caffeine, but this write up seems like a rush bunch of runons. Had to re-read 3 times to get the gist. Still a little shaky, but get the overall tone. You like. I like. People will like.

    • There are some odd wordings in the post ["Ezra’s going in on the couplets herein" and "this one’s quite video-video, with Vampire Weekend friend Jenny (she of “Giving Up The Gun and so many others) spraying champagne (along with so many others)"], but in terms of sentence construction, it’s a mixture of properly joined compound sentences and subordinate clauses.

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  15. Ah man. I was expecting an Outkast cover.

  16. Of the songs released so far I would rank them as:

    1. Step
    2. Diane Young
    3. Ya Hey

    Also based on the live performances I think I like Unbelievers more than Ya Hey too.

  17. that freakin’ piano. Digging all the new tunes so far.

  18. Ambition-wise, Vampire Weekend seems to be on a completely different planet with this album. I can’t wait.

    Great lyrics, great tune — what’s not to love?

    I would say that the weird, incomprehensible chipmunk voices are supposed to be weird and incomprehensible, and fit absolutely perfectly with the theme of the song, but I won’t make such an annoying point, because it’s Friday!

    Have a great weekend, y’all!

  19. Song of the year!

    …So far?

  20. Wow- it is so easy for them. The chorus bit is just them popping their collars on the song. Annoying, but somehow they pull it off. These guys are just do it effortlessly. The talking in the song seems like a wink at The Clientele.

    Vampire Weekend I like: almost any of their songs, especially “I Think U R a Contra”, “Cousins”, “Walcott”, “Mansard Roof”. “Cousins” is so goddamned good.

    Vampire Weekend I am less fond of: “Giving Up The Gun”.

    I know. Weird.

    • Upvoted for the Clientele shout out.

      After someone on here mentioned that this is their least favourite VW song I tried to think of what mine was, and realised I didn’t have one, such a great band.

      Your point about the pitched up vocals hits on something I live about them, which is their ability to do something really risky and pull it off, and not only that, but make it seem effortless and not risky at all.

      My view on the squeaky vocals is that the near incomprehensibility fits in with the theme of the song. Musically, I think the effect elevates what could have been a standard Afrobeat-y chorus, of the kind you would have found all over the début, into something else by creating a real sense of space in the track by contrasting it against the loud, low pitched, echoed drums and bass, and makes the song feel like it’s floating along untethered to the ground (which is, I now realise, why it reminds me of “The Only Living Boy in New York). It also then pays off by making the final chorus, where they really go for broke, sound even more huge after the quiet, unassuming nature the high pitch gives the hook.

  21. I’m so excited for this album. I know it’s been said here before, but I can’t remember another year when so many great albums were released. 2k13 is one for the history books.

  22. I agree with what seems to be the consensus that this is a darn good song but I’m a bit put off by the chipmunk additions to the chorus. Hope that aspects a grower. I love the driving drumbeat and soft background piano

    Rambling note: I don’t like watching a lyric video on my first listen of a song. Feel like it’s difficult to truly focus on a song and make an opinion regarding it if I’m also reading along and interpreting lyrics, while a good music video sans lyrics can enhance the experience for me. I’m generally a good multi-tasker (I swear). Maybe 3rd of 4th listen I’d go the lyric route.

  23. Where’s all the “creators” videos? Don’t we need to know that this will be big? All kidding aside, great song, quite a few religious language allusions, no? Also, a video for unbelievers would be great.

  24. The cork at the end fell to the ground and killed a guy.

  25. This is a really good band. Damn these guys.

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