Black Flag

The are currently two (or more?) “reunited” versions of Black Flag vying for your entertainment buck. There’s FLAG, featuring Black Flag co-founder Keith Morris with longtime Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski and drummer Bill Stevenson. And then there’s Black Flag, featuring Black Flag guitarist and mastermind Greg Ginn with singer Ron Reyes, who replaced Morris in the band and sang for them between 1979 and 1980. At present, FLAG is merely playing the songs of Black Flag live, while Black Flag is set to tour as well as release a new quote-unquote Black Flag album this summer. Not surprisingly, there’s some bad blood between the two acts. In an announcement on Black Flag’s website, the Ginn-led band is careful to point out:

***note: not to be confused with the ‘fake’ Flag band currently covering the songs of BLACK FLAG in an embarrassingly weak “mailing it in” fashion*** We urge you to check out the real BLACK FLAG when they hit your area.

Why would anyone be confused? There’s the “embarrassingly weak” band, and then there’s the other, whose just-released new song, “Down In The Dirt,” sounds like this:

You can download “Down In The Dirt” right here in exchange for an email address. And you can expect that song and 21 more on the new Black Flag album set to drop this summer via SST.

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  1. more like Black Fag, amirite

  2. This is just sad. At least Rollins isn’t playing a part in this.

  3. Ron Reyes still sounds pretty good (he was always my favorite) but this passive aggressive bickering is weak. Greg Ginn is a dick.

  4. This is infinitely better than anyone expected. You can hate it or LIKE it– just no hating it. Just as long as Ginn saves his “best” stuff from the crap that is Good For You. I give him maybe 7 decent songs and 1 really good song. i bet they open with “You Bet I got Something Personal Against You” aka Ode to the Circle Jerks aka ode to Keith

  5. There was nothing weak or “mailing it in” about the FLAG set, video of which is all over the net. I get that Black Flag was Ginn’s band, but there’s no reason to be slagging off the Morris/Dez Cadena group. Based on this single, and the FLAG video, I’m more excited to see FLAG live than Black Flag (current version).

  6. Riff = Good. Ron reyes = AWFUL.

  7. I’d rather listen to OFF! than this.

  8. i agree. ron reyes was always my favorite of their 4 singers. both versions sound good in my opinion. i missed “flag” when they played buffalo on thursday. i was pissed. i get why greg ginn is dissin them. black flag is his band. i get that part. i just think its funny that “flag” actually has more official members than the current black flag w/ ginn. ron reyes & greg ginn are the only official members that were ever in black flag but this “flag” reunion has keith morris, bill stevenson & chuck dukowski in it. either way, i would love to see either reunion play live. aside from the misfits, black flag has always been my favorite punk/hardcore band!!!

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