Scott And Rivers - Homely Girl

Back in the day, Rivers Cuomo was an ocean apart from that 18-year-old girl who live in small city of Japan. Today, though, she’s 35 and Cuomo is releasing a Japanese-language album. Cuomo teamed up with Scott Murphy, of Chicago pop-punk act Allister, to record Scott & Rivers, the eponymous debut from Scott & Rivers, for Delicious Deli, a Japanese imprint of Universal Records. The album is out now, and you can check out its first single, “Homely Girl,” below. It sounds like a Weezer B-side sung in Japanese. Listen.

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  1. I face palmed so hard I gave myself an aneurysm. Seriously, WTF happened to this man? Its now obvious he’s not being facetious with these questionable collaborations and projects. I used to be a hardcore fan of Weezer, but the 00s have practically destroyed everything I loved about their music and turned Rivers into a nut job of autistic scale. The production value on this song piss poor. The vocals overpower the instrumentation, the mixing has that horrible garbled sound of Hurley, and the quality is so low that it sounds like it was exported in 96kbps.

  2. this is hilarious!! 1st Weezer Cruise, now this? sad.

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