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It’s Friday, the weather is finally nice, and we have a lot of great new albums to get more familiar with, namely the National’s Trouble Will Find Me, Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires Of The City, and Savages’ Silence Yourself. Add those to recent releases by Deerhunter, Kurt Vile, the Knife, Kvelertak, Waxahatchee, MBV, Yo La Tengo, and others, and it’s shaping up to be a really interesting music year. And we haven’t even heard Daft Punk yet. Anyway, below are your best and worst comments about that aforementioned Vampire Weekend LP, our 10 Best Deerhunter Songs list, and other stuff…



Heath D. Williams | May 7th Score:16

You guys, we also get new records from Daft Punk and The National in the next two weeks. Thank you, 2013.

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Yann Grd | May 9th Score:16

A list of ‘Best Deerhunter Songs’ that does not include ‘Desire Lines’ and ‘Agoraphobia’ is a joke, unless you mean ’10 Best Deerhunter Songs That Are Not Written By Lockett Pundt’.

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Cameron Meindl | May 9th Score:17

Nothing Ever Happened and Desire Lines are curious omissions. THM is good, but #4?

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Toren CheddaCheese Hardee | May 7th Score:19

are VW the best pop band of the present moment? serious question. i certainly wouldn’t argue that they’re the best pop *act* — but what other current band has the same mastery of concision, the same facility with sonic detail, and the same ability to write tunes that are so outrageously catchy??

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Andy Petersen | May 7th Score:27

Where I’m from in South Africa, ‘moment’s silence’ means crazy party.

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#4 undergroundspoon | May 9th Score:31

And now a moment of silence for the absence of “Nothing Ever Happened.”

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Kevin Broydrick | May 7th Score:34

sometimes, you just have to look an idiot in the face and say

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#1 plastic pants | May 8th Score:38

Can you buy me a copy on vinyl?

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#5 babyastronauts | May 3rd Score:-7

this song is probably one of the most difficult on the ears pop songs of all time. no joke.

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#4 babyastronauts | May 3rd Score:-7

they make the song…as shitty as possible

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#3 babyastronauts | May 3rd Score:-9

the fucked up vocals in that chorus are so ear bleedingly awful. just seizure inducingly horrific. seriously it’s a garbage nightmare sound that will haunt me until i die. what the fuck.

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#2 triangle | May 7th Score:-11

poopy poop for ppl with poop in their ears

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Mike Tully | May 3rd Score:-15

A.K.A. “Ten songs that will make you buy a 10 ft. piece of rope.”

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phyrewerx | May 7th Score:3

I was there from the beginning and inside the dome for 3 1/2 hours. My friend had bought the tickets. I only knew a few hours ahead of what I was in for.
At first it was exciting to see The National.
Then boredom set in and as most people we pulled out our phones to do various things like take photos and text what we were doing to our friends. No one was sure what ‘the rules’ were and what, as the audience we should be doing.
The friend I was with cracked a few jokes that they wouldn’t let us leave or that we’d grow bored or that we’d never want to hear the song ago. Suprirsingly, that wasn’t true.
After an hour or so, I closed my eyes and listened to the music, and much like when you go running, where the first part is kind of work and boring, you hit a sort of altered state and everything became surreal. The song wasn’t just a song anymore.
The National was very professional and they actually did a few versions, one with horns, another with more vocals, another with the drummer out for a bit, one with Jesus and Mary Chain-esque guitars.
At first no one cheered. But once they started to make small changes we cheered. When the guy brought them food we cheered. When they deviated in little ways from the song, we liked those versions better. We liked that we were seeing something live and not a perfectly polished prerecorded with auto-tune experience. Eventually we started to cheer for The National between the end and beginning of each iteration. We wanted them to succeed. We all became increasingly invested in the experience; well, as much as our bodies and minds would allow.
We found ourselves singing along the most when a member needed to take a break. We were in solidarity with the band.
And despite the sad song and repetition, the overall vibe was hopeful, cheerful even.
We didn’t realize once we walked out that there was a very long line to return and we lacked confidence that we would get back in in time for the ending.
I watched a few of the videos, to see if I could go back into that moment in time, but it’s not the same.
The National did an amazing job. I would have never gone if I had known the premise ahead (because it seemed like a gimmick and kind of crazy). But it was beautiful and spiritual and yes I’ve listened to the song a few times more and I hope to hear it more in the future. I hope The National would enjoy playing the song again, because they created something beautiful and unique with that experience. It gave the song even more value and weight.
They were brave and professional and wonderful. For each iteration.
If they did it again, I would tell people to go and experience it. I know I would go again.
For me, it was far more than just repetition.

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  1. So this is what fulfillment feels like.

  2. the lowest rated comments are all better than the highest rated ones. what does that tell you? (I don’t know what it tells you- I’m just posing the question)

  3. Yo. I’m a little bothered by something lately. Bands that already have quite a bit of exposure are resorting to some gimmicky shit to market themselves– the Boards of Canada Willy-Wonka-golden-ticket thing and now The National playing the same song for 6 hours for god-knows-what-reason. I don’t blame them… they’re thinking outside of the box to create hype around their releases, because otherwise they might not make enough money to eat. But I hate being subjected to watching artists I admire make clowns of themselves. Can we all make a pact to buy more albums and torrent and stream less? Am I drawing the wrong conclusion here?

    • According to their facebook page The National have 500,000+ fans. Which means May 20th the CD is going to be certified gold right? RIGHT?

    • The National performance was an art piece in collaboration with Ragnar Kjartansson called “A Lot of Sorrow”. Opinions on art aside, it seems like there was a clear purpose for their set as opposed to “god-knows-what-reason.” Whether their participation coinciding with a new album cycle is suspect or not is up for debate, I suppose.

      Concerning Boards of Canada, it seemed like a lot of their fans had fun putting the clues together, which only builds excitement for a highly anticipated album. I didn’t follow any of it closely, but neither the artists nor fans came off as clowns to me.

      Even without giving the National the benefit of the doubt, these marketing efforts don’t have board appeal and are targeted to their core audiences. Individuals like the editor’s choice commenter above or the code-breaking BoC fans were already going to buy the albums.

      • Valid points. Just seems kind of gimmicky in a way that doesn’t really add much to the music. I guess one thing that irked me about these two situations is the bands seem to be taking themselves really seriously while doing it. It maybe would have left a different impression on me if I sensed a playfulness about it- if they sort of winked at the audience in a way that said “yeah this is gimmicky but who cares it’s all in good fun.” But that’s just me.

  4. I like how all the most commented thumbnails are black and white

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