Kanye walks into a sign

Big weekend for Kanye West enthusiasts. Last night in Poland, Hudson Mohawke (who recently signed to West’s G.O.O.D. label) previewed unheard Kanye West songs. Hudson Mohawke are set to appear as contributors on West’s new album, so it might be fair to assume these songs are from that album too. Check out a video of the Hudson Mohawke set below. Also below, something less fun for Kanye: watch him walk into a “wrong way” sign while running away from paparazzi. Eek.

Watch Hudson Mohawke Spin New Kanye

Watch Kanye Walk Into A Street Sign

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  1. I guess that just happens when you’re head is so big…

    Srsly tho, hope he’s ok

  2. There’s a something funny about walking into a wrong way sign.

  3. I have a special place for paparazzi, it is covered in flaming chainsaws that shoot acid. :)))))

  4. Knocking your ego on a ‘Wrong Way’ sign. Perfect.

  5. Why would you post a TMZ embed? Especially of that? Something that’s indicative of how vile and obnoxious paparrazzi are and you’re giving it more hits and spins, upping their paycheck.

  6. See, if Jesus really walked with Kanye you think he’d at least offer a “heads up” or something.

    • Jesus was there alright; it was his guiding hand that ushered Kanye directly into the sign. You think it was a coincidence that it was “Wrong Way” sign?

  7. I feel bad for Kanye. I know that he’s famous and should expect annoyances like this but papparatzi are the most useless people on the planet

  8. Everyone’s posting about the sign, BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT SONG. It”s a lousy recording, but Jesus Christ, even through that I feel like it’s gonna be a sweet track. Dark, yes. Heavy, yes. Awesome, yessss.

  9. Okay, my personal and unnecessary conspiracy is that Kanye gets a cut from the paparazzi who took the video (but conveniently missed the moment) and broke it to TMZ. This FAKED EVENT also gives K. West another WTF moment before new content is set to be released.

    This is a classy maneuver, likened to a footballer who fakes falling with grace.

    Something so erie about the two of them in that moment as well.

  10. foolish little man

  11. Of course paparazzi culture is terrible, but walking into a sign with no severe damage done is always funny. The main problem here is that these ridiculous paparazzi that are so obsessed with following this guy getting footage of everything somehow missed him walking into a sign, what kind of bullshit is that?

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