Giorgio Moroder - "Racer"

One of the best tracks on Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories is “Giorgio By Moroder,” which has a long spoken reminisce from the Italo-disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder and which pays tribute to the endlessly tick-tocking dance beats that he created in the ’70s. And now Moroder himself has returned in a fittingly strange way: He’s done the soundtrack for a new Google Chrome game called Racer. Moroder’s new track “Racer” exists at a halfway mark between the hypnotic tracks of his past and the pounding Euro-house of our shared present. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Check out Racer here.

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  1. id take this over any of the RAM songs, ammiiiirighht???

  2. That’s pretty much the Bloc Party album cover, no?

  3. The king has returned.

  4. It’s kinda Eurotrash but in an awesome way. I dig.

  5. George Noory, this could be your new outro to Coast to Coast AM…

  6. There are a lot of producers doing Electro House in this vein these days. Interesting seeing Giorgio catching up to his own influence in this way. Great track.

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