Fred Armisen's SNL send off

It seems Fred Armisen is leaving Saturday Night Live. In addition to two epic Kanye West performances, last night’s episode featured a super-group of indie rock stars joining Armisen on stage for what appeared to be a send-off. Armisen played his punk character Ian Rubbish, leading a band featuring two other departing SNL players Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis, as well as Armisen’s friends Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, J Mascis, Aimee Man, and Steve Jones. Watch them all play “I’ve Had A Lovely Night” below.

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  1. Jason Sudeikis hasn’t announced that he’s leaving. The only two confirmed leaving are Hader and Armisen.

  2. Well. That was awkward.

  3. I just want to be best friends with Fred and Carrie. So badly.

  4. I like the concept, I just wish the result was better

  5. i had to watch this about 10 times just to hear J Mascis rip it up.. wow!!

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    • Is this an advertisement for DISH? This is weird.

      • Do a Google search for “had to work the late shift at DISH” (in quotes) and see their handiwork.

        I’m not sure I understand how this is effective at all. If I’m looking into a product and want an opinion, I think the last person I want to hear from is an employee.

    • If my screen name was going to be a Tyler Perry movie, I’d probably make it Why Did I Get Married Too, but that’s just me.

    • I’m having fun doing a character sketch of whoever thought this was a good marketing idea. I’m picturing a guy in his mid-30s with a bluetooth always in his ear, wearing a suit that hasn’t been in style since 2002, and pretends to know a lot about the youth culture and is all about viral and guerrilla marketing campaigns, though has never been successful at them. All it takes is one conversation with him and he’ll refer to you as his “buddy” when he talks about you to someone else. He almost exclusively hangs out with men when he “goes out”, yet always claims he is hunting for pussy. He was the last person from his high school class to remove the word “fag” from his vocabulary. He’s a DePaul University school of business grad, and is fucking terrified of his own mortality, though he doesn’t know it yet.

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