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Earlier this month, we learned that Sigur Rós would guest on, and provide music for, an episode of The Simpsons entitled “The Saga Of Carl,” one that involves Homer’s friend Carl returning to his homeland in Iceland. We also learned what they’d look like. Well, last night, the episode aired, and Sigur Rós were indeed in it for a split second. (There’s also a quick cameo from someone who looks like Björk.) But the real draw, from a music standpoint, is that Sigur Rós gave the episode a whole lot of dreamy, slow-floating music, including an ethereal end-credits rendition of the show’s theme song. As Pitchfork points out, you can now watch the episode online here; you’ll find Björk at 11:15 and Sigur Rós at 17:20.

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  1. is the Simpsons still good? I will always consider it as one of the best shows ever in it’s prime, I just don’t know anyone who still watches it.

    Also, from browsing the Stereogum comments I’m led to believe that if you missed this episode you can watch it on something called DISH. The people talking about can’t be spammers because they reference the original topic. Seems really legit.

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