The Lonely Island - "Diaper Money"

On Saturday night, SNL bid goodbye to some of this past decade’s most prime players via a bit of musical spoof — Fred Armisen as early-punk caricature Ian Rubbish, singing (with Sudekis and Hader, also departing) about it having been a lovely night. It wasn’t as moving as Stefon and Seth Meyers getting married (finally!), but still, it was memorable stuff. As in Armisen’s Ian Rubbish, the piston of sketch comedy music satire is pairing a style of music with subject matter absurdly removed from that genre’s general value system, and this is what the SNL vets of Lonely Island do so well, still. (That, and booking cameos.) The new track “Diaper Money” does this, too, albeit without cameo — all bravado and swaggering materialism about being a tight-leashed Park Slope dad spending all his money on diapers, a wife who won’t let you touch her, and a comfy funeral casket. This is a fun video to watch if you just broke up (you don’t want to be about this life), presumably less so if you’re about to get married (though that isn’t stopping Samberg). Check it here:

“Diaper Money” is the third installment in the Lonely Island’s “#WackWednesdays” campaign, via which the band will release a new video from their forthcoming The Wack Album every Wednesday between now and its release on June 11th. (I know, it’s not Wednesday today. Who knows.) To date we’ve had “Spring Break Anthem” (Feat. Galifianakis and Franco) and “I Fucked My Aunt” (Feat. T-Pain).

The Wack Album is out 6/11 via Republic. Pre-order it directly from the band.

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  1. Isn’t that the Waitress with “J-Orgus”?

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