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I used to work in an office with a guy who played drums for the band Asobi Seksu. When he told me the name of his band, I found the moniker to be strange, inviting, and enchanting … till he informed me it was a Japanese translation of the English-language term “sport fucking” (which the band had lifted from Fight Club). Ann Arbor quartet Pity Sex have chosen a handle that is no less dubious in origin than Asobi Seksu, and it’s made doubly so by the fact that the band doesn’t even bother to glamour-cloak it in non-English. Oddly, though, Pity Sex and Asobi Seksu have more in common than just their dispiriting monikers: Both bands are quartets that play blissful and gigantic-sounding shoegaze pop with alternating female-male vocals and overdriven guitars. Pity Sex — drummer Sean St. Charles, guitarist/vocalist Brennan Greaves, bassist Brandan Pierce, and guitarist/vocalist Britty Drake — emerged in 2012 with the six-song Dark World EP (which you can check out on the band’s Bandcamp), and they’re now set to release their first full-length, Feast Of Love. We’ve got the Greaves-fronted album-opener “Wind-Up” for you to spin today, and if it means anything, it’s one of my favorite songs of 2013 — all feedback and fat, fuzzy guitars, glorious melancholy and insane pop hooks. I honestly love it. Listen.

Feast Of Love is out 6/25 via Run For Cover.

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  1. Not to judge a book by its cover, but there’s no way i’d ever admit to enjoying a band called pity sex.

    • I was wondering if anyone else felt this way. I liked this song, but I am actually really hoping they make an awful album so I don’t have to be a fan. This is the kind of band name that bands who play locally their whole career usually have. It’s seems like the most desperate cry for attention, yet it also seems impossible that it would ever be featured in large letters on any marquee.

      • That’s a really unfair judgement. The name could mean anything to the people who give it significance. If Pity Sex feels that an appropriate title for their art, they shouldn’t be compelled to be dishonest in that expression.

        Honestly the only reason things like these ever become controversial is because people with thin skin make it so. You’re perpetuating an unnecessary stigma.

        • I don’t dislike the name because I think it’s controversial; I dislike it because I feel it is an attempt to be controversial rather than give the band a name that has something to do with the music. Inevitably, if they are stigmatized, it will be for the wrong reason, that people take the name seriously and disapprove of whatever they feel it implies. That has nothing to do with me. Honestly, if the album is good, I hope they sell a lot of copies and have lots of fans. I just hate it when bands try to compensate for their insecurities with cheap stunts, and those that really aren’t any good should pay a steep price for being bad and having a dumb name.

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          • Calling your band Pity Sex is as much if a “cheap stunt” as calling yourself The Sex Pistols, Butthole Surfers, or Black Sabbath. All controversial names in their own right, but the fan base is mature enough to look past that and just enjoy the music.

          • the whole “bad bands with bad names should pay” idea is cool but the thing is pity sex isn’t a bad band. I mean I think pedro the lion is a stupid name, but that’s not the reason why I listen to them. David bazan is. No offense, but you’re just being a drama queen about the whole thing.

          • That’s funny because I have read everyone’s posts and responded rationally to those that warranted a response, whereas almost every response to my view has been a knee-jerk reaction (more in line with what I would expect from a “drama queen”) that at best show a lack of reading comprehension. I wonder if anyone on the internet reads the posts to which they are responding. I never said they were a bad band. I actually implied that I would be a fan in spite of the name if their album is good.

          • lmao, then that’s all you had to say. don’t get mad cause you don’t know how to not be that guy.

          • I don’t have to say anything, but in fact I did say exactly what I meant in great detail. It’s all there in the first two paragraphs I wrote. Just because I didn’t put it into four or five baby sentences for you doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you didn’t read my posts, you shouldn’t have responded.

      • I was trying my hardest to ignore you but I don’t know.. I feel obligated to defend this great band.

        First of all, no one is making you listen to this band. If you don’t like their name and it really upsets you that much then don’t listen to them at all. Problem solved.

        Secondly, Pity Sex have toured nationally to hundreds, maybe thousands of very receptive, enthusiastic fans who don’t seem to have a problem with their name. “A desperate cry for attention”? Your comment seems like a desperate cry for attention to me. Why do you assume that their goal is to have their name featured in large letters on a marquee? That is so irrelevant. Pity Sex is a band of very nice people who make wonderful music and it seems to me like all they really want is for people to listen to their music. If you like this song then don’t dismiss them because of their name. It’s just a name. Nothing more.

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          Seriously. I understand what Michael is saying and he has a valid point he wanted to discuss, no need to go shitting on him, commenters here seem to often have these “knee-jerk” reactions he talked about and your comment is a perfect example. He never once said he disliked the band or the music or thought they were anything less than a “great band” however he said he didn’t like the name and justified it reasonably, albeit it did border on an attackish tone (It’s not a word whatever).

          Name’s are usually not just a name, you know? they usually have significance to a band in some way, its not easy to pick a band name, I’ve been in a band for 5 years and we have changed our name countless times looking for the right one. I guess what it seems to me like what Michael is getting at is that “pity” and “sex” in a band name kind of feels like using buzzwords (not necessarily controversial) for the sake that they are buzzwords and stand out to people to potentially bring attention when their music is unable to, just hypothesizing! Don’t go down-voting me like crazy for trying to explain the stance! (Also after listening to the song, which i though was great by the way, the name seems like a weird fit to the sound)

    • Still not as bad as calling yourself Foxygen

    • Still not as bad as calling yourself Foxygen

  2. @makeitpop are you kidding? pity sex is an AWESOME and funny name. you are nuts.

  3. Honestly how autistic do you have to be to take issue with this bands name, much less write TWO paragraphs on the subject. Not to make light of autism but this is mind-boggling.

    • I’ve written tons of paragraphs on this site on all manner of things with which I take issue, and I am certainly not the only one to do so. I am very opinionated and passionate when it comes to rock music and the ethics of being an indie musician, and why that would have have anything to do with autism (which I do not happen to have, by the way) is beyond me. If I feel something deserves a reply, I always type one that is thorough. The internet ought to be a means of facilitating communication. Being a silent downvoter is cowardly and a crutch for those with baseless ideas.

      • So far I haven’t hear one word from you about their music? Listen and make an opinion on that, one way or another. You don’t know the members of this group. You have no idea how genuine they are, what their thoughts were on naming the band, etc. If you knew them or anyone that knows them you would learn that they are supremely genuine people. You would also know that they are all highly educated and talented artisits, writers, thinkers. Expressing your thoughts and strong opinions is fine, they way you do it is revealing.

    • “Not to make light of autism, but I am going to go ahead and make light of autism.” -Nic Martin

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  5. Sweet, misogyny is awesome.

  6. Dude, somebody talking like a pirate all the fucking time? That sounds fucking bad ass. You’re a piece of shit person with pathetically narrow perceptions. You talking about an intellectual discussion is as comedic as porn stars talking about their favorite books.

  7. There are a lot of stupid band names, this one would never even come to mind.

  8. Pity Sex is a horrible band name. The fact that this is even an issue in the comments section is an indication that it’s distracting and stupid.

  9. It’s really hard to come up with a good band name these days. Almost everything has already been taken. I understand their plight.

  10. I think that “Pity Sex” is an awesome band name. And perhaps this virgin is a little naive but how exactly would the term be offensive, let alone misogynistic?

    BTW, sweet song. I love how folks like Pity Sex, Mac DeMarco, Cloud Nothings and others are bringing back the sound of 90s alt-rock. It is about time for a revival.

  11. This band keeps getting better. 90s vibes that don’t sound tired or overdone. And I know “They’re such nice people” is like a lousy recommendation that doesn’t necessarily impact their music but damn they’re such nice people.

  12. If we’re going to not listen to indie bands because they have stupid names, that’s going to cut a loooot of good music off our playlists.

  13. I love this band and this new song. I love all the noise and new riffs. :D

    And consider their Dark World EP, Pity Sex is a pretty good name, not bad at all.

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