That long-rumored Pretty In Pink sequel is moving forward for a release next year (link via Trent). Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, and John Cryer will star (sorry, no Diceman). I’m probably more excited about this than I should be … blame UCB.

Despite an inferior rerecording of P-Furs’ ’81 classic and the inexplicable inclusion of Danny Hutton instead of Nic Kershaw (see last paragraph), John Hughes’ PiP soundtrack was pretty rad. Remember, Breakfast Club had only one good song. To refresh your memory, this was the Pretty tracklist:

1. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – “If You Leave”
3. Jesse Johnson – “Get to Know Ya”
4. INXS – “Do Wot You Do”
5. Psychedelic Furs – “Pretty in Pink”
6. New Order – “Shellshock”
7. Belouis Some – “Round, Round”
8. Danny Hutton Hitters – “Wouldn’t It Be Good”
9. Echo & the Bunnymen – “Bring on the Dancing Horses”
10. The Smiths – “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”

And of course there were great tunes not on the LP. Read Pretty In Pink’s Top Ten Musical Moments for those.

Let’s hope soundtrack #2 isn’t all 3 Doors Down and Lifehouse (or worse, something like this). Then again, who knows what former record store babe Andie would be listening to now? Does she even own an iPod? Share your theories in the comments.

Copy, Right?’s imagined ending had me laughing:

In the version of this movie that exists in my mind, the movie doesn’t end with Andie and Blaine kissing in the parking lot. In my version, it ends about a month later when they break up because they have absolutely nothing in common. Then Andie dates Duckie a while until he comes out of the closet. Then she goes away to college and has her heart broken a million more times by people she actually had real connections with. You know, like guys in bands.

And here’s some trivia from IMDB:

  • The original ending had Duckie getting the girl, but test audiences preferred Blaine. (Plus, John Hughes was concerned audiences would take the original ending as a message that poor people and rich people don’t belong together.) When the actors came back to reshoot, Andrew McCarthy had lost a lot of weight and shaved his head for a play. He had to wear a wig, but is noticeably more gaunt in the end scenes.
  • “Goddess of Love” was the original song OMD composed for the movie but it didn’t fit with the new ending.
  • Anthony Michael Hall turned down the role of Duckie.

  • OK, one more song:

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    1. EH  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      I must note for the record that the ending of that movie made no sense whatsoever.

    2. stereogum, why do you not like the not another teen movie soundtrack?

    3. dallapozza  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      john hughes’ last shermer illinois teen angst movie, reach the rock had an amazing soundtrack. no reason why this one wouldn’t. as long there isn’t some new version of pip that is.

    4. don’t forget the fourth co-star: andie’s god-awful yet simultaneously awesome homemade outfits

    5. girl27  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      EH – I know! For years, I’ve been struggling with Blaine’s “I believed in you, you just didn’t believe in me” speech. Huh???

      I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. I’m so stoked about the sequel. But man, you just know it’s going to suuuuck. :)

    6. slkafj  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      bah who needs a pretty in pink sequel? out of all the john huges movies he decided to make a sequel to pretty pink? i want a sequel to uncle buck!!


    7. Jen W  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      “EH – I know! For years, I’ve been struggling with Blaine’s “I believed in you, you just didn’t believe in me” speech. Huh???”

      He believed in her . . . how? By like blowing her off and stuff.

      Andie’s outfits were cool–except for that monstrosity prom dress.

      Copy, Right? is spot-on! Andie totally spends at least the next four years lugging around bass amps and desperately wishing that one–one!–of her boyfriend’s band’s songs is about her and trying to read that into every song he writes. Eventually she’ll get tired of the Tormented Rock Poet schtick and get a cool internship/job and strike out on her own and meet someone on her level with whom she can discuss New Yorker articles and go to shows at Mercury. Projecting much? You bet.


      bless u Stereonizzleblizze

    9. robb  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      So in this sequel, are they all going to be stuck in 30 something purgatory, have cubicle jobs, and hate life or what? I just think its a little late, thats all.

    10. greg  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      Lovely – anytime you can utter the name Belouis Some with *any* kind of context qualifies as good times.

      In recent years, mention of the name Jobriath in the presence of David Bowie would elicit interesting reactions; perhaps in a few years, Belouis will enjoy/suffer similar distinction. . .

    11. jenny  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      Love this soundtrack!!!

      This is going to be a little weird though — the last time I saw Molly Ringwald acting, she was prancing around in her underwear at Studio 54 in the revival of Cabaret. NOT ’80s Molly at all.

    12. Just wanted to drop you a line and say I was thinking of this sequel a couple of years ago as a slasher movie. I posted a (dated, but good) fake soundtrack to the movie on Art of the Mix (link above) complete with a fake cover with my face in place of Duckie’s. Enjoy.

    13. justin  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      I’m new to this; I guess the link didn’t carry over. Here it is:

    14. mattS  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      If Spader’s not in it, I’m not watching it.

    15. At 36 and younger than most of the cast I am not so sure that this is going to play well at all.

    16. The PiP soundtrack is AWESOME. However, it always made me mad that the best song in the movie was not on the soundtrack: The Rave Ups “you lost it all when you lost me”

    17. PJ  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      Spader is one of the most assfaced people in film history. The fact that he has had a semi-revival on TV makes me want to shoot at least one person who says their “S’s” like he does, that sloppy way that they think sounds intellectual but all it does is piss off people who say their “S’s” the right way.

      Keep in mind I was barely out of my mother’s womb when this movie came out; it was a good saturday afternoon movie for me.

      The Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack had that shitastic Marilyn Manson cover.

    18. shlee  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      the rave-ups are totally underrated! and the other band whose name i never found out who was also at the club.

    19. i am simultaneously psyched out of my mind and scared as hell to see what this ends up like. this (in my mind) is bigger than any sequel i can remember since AT LEAST back to the future 2.

    20. slag  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      nice pearls!

    21. Puggy  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      Wasn’t there talk a while back about a made-for-TV “32 Candles”? Whatever became of that one?

    22. Slag — Your name is Jim?!

    23. charleston  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      if you looked at the soundtracks for each of hughes’ movies from the 80s, you would see that each of his soundtracks were oustanding compared to the rest of their ilk at the time.

      anyone who has a fear that hughes won’t come through again with another excellent soundtrack is a fucktard.

    24. donnarino  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      Re that nada surf mp3. I had such high hopes for those guys. What happened?!

    25. To this day it bothers me that she didn’t go with Duckie.

      P.S. Molly Ringwald was hot in the (80s drama) Fresh Horses

    26. slag  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0


    27. Ah, yes. My bitter posts rule!

    28. DCeiver  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      I have to say a big ol’ “AMEN!” to yr comments about the “Danny Hutton Hitters”. Gads their version of “Wouldn’t it Be Good” was slag on rye bread. Should have definitely been Kershaw.

    29. Aw, slag! You said the great “Nice Pearls” line and I hit back with the line where Benny says to Andie, “I know you! You’re in my calculus class.” Andie says, “Gym…” to which Benny replies, “Your name is Jim?”

      Aww…I thought you would have gotten that. :(

    30. Lou  |   Posted on Apr 4th, 2005 0

      Where the hell is Annie Potts?

    31. Mich  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      Heh, about time they have a sequel! I love PIP. Duckie’s just classic. :)

    32. A friend had me go get a tux so I could stand at his wedding. The place I went to, while the guy loped about his store with his tape around his neck, I spotted those same dirty white shoes Duckie wears throughout the film’s entirety; they were in the same condition and laying on its back next to it was a dead
      cockroach. When I took the suit back and got my deposit, I was probably tempted at some point to ask how much he wanted for the shoes, just so I could draw his attention to it. See if he’d go back, slide open the case and have his hand brush the roach that was still in there.

    33. Gaily Gail  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      Molly Ringwald was awful in “Fresh Horses.” One of the worst movies. Ever.

    34. shannymonster  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      Are we sure this isn’t a gag? There is nothing posted on IMDB under any of the actors names.

      That being said, I think this movie would have done well 10 years ago…but now? Andie will end up being a single mom and will run into Duckie at a Starbucks or while buying a new CD and they will fall in love with each other blah blah…because they were supposed to end up together.

      Will I go see it? Of course…if it ever gets made.

    35. Miss Zissou  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      I had the soundtrack on limited edition way-rad PINK plastic cassette…gawd, I felt so cool!

    36. Um. April Fools?

    37. slag  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      ooh!! i’m so ashamed. i’m going to cry into my homemade pillowcase now.

    38. Wait, wait… I can see it all now:

      Twenty years later, Duckie writes a book about how Andie broke his heart. While on a tour promoting it in Paris, Andie shows up. They walk around, talk about what happened (including how Andie’s grandmother died and she missed her Duckie connection due to the funeral), then she pulls out a guitar and sings a Duckie song.

      My girlfriend thinks the sequel is where Duckie finally comes out of the closet.

    39. davy  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      OMD was fantastic. “if you leave” is a masterpiece. better even than “don’t you want me”.

      pretty in what, now?

    40. MC  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      you guys realize that some kind of wonderful is basically pretty in pink with the ending we all wanted for duckie and andy right?

    41. I miss parachute pants  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      Yeah, and Some Kind of Wonderful ruined the next ten years of high school art fag’s lives (that’s an 80′s shout-out to the Milkmen, in case anyone gets itchy from that term — and yeah, why isn’t there a Rave-Ups retro fetish? They were awesome) by presenting the lie that the world was populated by super cool and super hot band chicks just waiting for your sensitive loser ass to wake up and notice them, patiently waiting for you. I mean, it was eventually (see: Sleater-Kinney) but way after I was the age where I could ever meet them. As I think about it, back when I used to fill out Nerve profiles, I always put “Lone Star” down for best on screen sex; thanks to this, next time I’ll mention the kiss between MSM and Stolz. H-O-T. Hot.

    42. I just heard about this link via another site. Is it pathethic for a total stranger to confess how psyched she is about this?

      I thought so.

      Hell, I’m doing it anyway….

    43. Joe  |   Posted on Apr 5th, 2005 0

      What’s Hughes done that hasn’t sucked in the last 20 years?

      Well he wrote the Beathoven movies…

    44. Michelle  |   Posted on Apr 7th, 2005 0

      What about the best teen movie of the 80′s??

      “say anything.” I know its not John Hughes but I don’t care. Its the best.

    45. Lori  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2005 0

      I loved Pretty in Pink! I can’t wait to see the sequel with my kids, who have seen the original. Great music!

    46. michelle another michelle  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2005 0

      I agree with the other Michelle. Say Anything. Hands down. Best 80′s flick. I loved John when I first saw it when it came out in theatres. Still love it when I chuck it in the good ol VCR. Yes, I use a VCR.

    47. Mike Dallos  |   Posted on Apr 23rd, 2005 0

      Awesome article!!

      Be well……


    48. nico  |   Posted on Apr 26th, 2005 0

      say anything: overrated.
      pretty in pink: stolen.
      the rave ups: genius.

      frankly it would have been unrealistic for andie to end up with either duckie or blaine. she would have probably settled with the dice man who would have inevitably given her the herps. ah yeah.

      i still have a thing for andrew mc carthy but i always wondered what happened to him in the last scene…coke problem? oh no, it was a “wig.” thanks imdb.

      i think this reunion movie is a crock of shit.

    49. troy fleming  |   Posted on May 1st, 2005 0

      I would have put either song from the Rave Ups (Positively Lost Me, or Rave Up/Shut Up)and Talk Back’s Rudy on the soundtrack. At the end of the credits, it says “in memory of Alexa Kenin (who played Andie’s friend Jena) and Bruce Weintrab, who was a set designer. Does anyone know what happened to these 2?

    50. Jen  |   Posted on May 21st, 2005 0

      Alexa Kenin was shot and killed by her boyfriend in 1986, shortly after the film’s release.

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