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One week ago, Kanye premiered Yeezus’s ferocious “New Slaves” by projecting his face onto buildings throughout the world. (He performed it the next day on SNL, too.) It was the best video of the week and you can watch it on the side of a building IRL tonight in these cities. The rapper’s new music was Stereogum’s most discussed topic this week, but you guys also had a lot to say about our Queens Of The Stone Age review, Fiona Apple’s 10 best songs, and the band name Pity Sex. Your best and worst comments are below. But first, your Moment of Zen:

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Ben Cornell | May 23rd Score:13

i know, a website you read comes out with content. how infuriating.

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Kevin Broydrick | May 20th Score:14

I like the sound. But we all know who had the most impressive live performance moment this weekend….


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#8 dylan37 | May 19th Score:15

This man is a douche. But damn, when he’s hot, he’s hot.

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Seleeke Flingai | May 19th Score:15

I think it’s entirely understandable why he would be angry. He’s a participant in a music industry that has an agenda on what popular music is released and when, like a well-oiled machine. And while he may be bathing in money and Kim Kardashian’s you-know-what, as an artist who is incredibly successful, he not only has to deal with the successes that such a position entails, but also the unending criticism, paparazzi, expectations, and industry coercion that could drive any person mad.

I find it good that he’s channeling this “celeb/artist anger” in making angry music as opposed to becoming a drug addict like so many other artists who have crumbled under the weight of artistic value vs. industry-manufactured commercial appeal. And in hip-hop, where the industry is fueled by black men but run by white men, the idea of “new slaves” is nothing new, but nonetheless important and interesting. All because he has a lot of money doesn’t mean the structure that gave him the money is not exploitative and wrongheaded.

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#6 raptor jesus | May 17th Score:18

In a week filled with Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem comments, new album announcements from Franz Ferdinand & Fuck Buttons and now today with After Dark 2 finally seeing a release… Let’s all pause and acknowledge the most important thing about this week:


Vampire Weekend hit it out of the park with their third LP. Seriously. What a damn fine album. I laid down with the lyrics on Tuesday and had a fucking read-a-long. So good.

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Kevin Hukill | May 19th Score:22

What’s a black Beatle anyway, a fuckin’ roach?

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Erik Lund | May 19th Score:27

Those were both fucking awesome.

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#3 johnnyfuckhead | May 19th Score:32

I agree with the question “Can anyone help me see what I’m missing?” in the literal sense because I’m in Canada and can’t see these videos.

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#2 HartfordTheWhale | May 19th Score:37

As someone who’s never been all in on Kanye (his stuff is generally hit-or-miss with me, and I thought MBDTN was a bit overrated) I think I can explain – he’s one of the biggest popular music stars in the world, and yet he’s not afraid to take massive chances with his music, make people uncomfortable and push musical boundaries. In this way, sites like Stereogum and people like me and most of the rest of the pompous music-obsessed crowd respect him – even if he generally comes across as an insecure dude who tries to overcompensate for this insecurity with displays of extreme egotism and douchebaggery.

These two songs are PERFECT examples of this: they lack any catchy (or even discernable) melody, don’t have a hook to grab onto, and are lyrically abrasive – all things that would destroy a pop song and push someone to the fringes of the music scene – and yet he can get away with it and does. These songs are phenomenal and make me much more excited about his upcoming release than I’ve been about any of his stuff since 808′s (another great example of an artist unafraid to take a total left turn, fanbase be damned, to pursue a weird muse. Totally underrated album).

TL;DR Sites like Stereogum and the people who read them respect Kanye for his risk-taking, experimental music that succeeds despite how abrasive it, and he, can be.

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#1 dbr | May 19th Score:48

Seems pretty Yeezy to me.

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#5 haromaster | May 19th Score:-9

You meant the opposite of nearly everything that create the punk scene

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Paul Sundeen | May 19th Score:-9

Really? Downvoted to a hidden rating for asking for an explanation eh? (Well, I guess I did say he was terrible and lame.)

But your explanation is an obvious one but doesn’t change one thing:

His music and lyrics are terrible. And lame.

I mean, The Beatles didn’t give a damn what was expected of them as far as being “Pop” goes either, but nearly everything they put out was pure Gold. Far a more modern example, look at the new Daft Punk record. It’s divisive, it’s a new path for them. They, like countless other acts, look to evolve with each release and aren’t afraid to alienate fans who want them to just do one thing.

But my question about Kanye stays the same: Why do you like the MUSIC? Why does he get away with it?

It’s terrible. And lame.

Seriously, these two songs suck bad.

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#3 komododragonladee | May 20th Score:-10

Kanye west is not an artist at all silly boy. TALK to cee-lo or talk to flo-rida and young jeezey but this man is part of the illumiNOTi so BUGGER OFF with your love for his STUPID breed of music that falls on DEF ear(s) mine do….love for this doooooode…….noo WAY!!!!

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Sanjay Devarakonda | May 23rd Score:-12

Come on; Criminal not at #1?

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Paul Sundeen | May 19th Score:-15

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person alive who doesn’t understand why awesome music blogs like Stereogum waste their time with this guy. Terrible. Lame.

Can anyone help me see what I’m missing?

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homesickalien | May 23rd Score:0

I’ve always wondered what a Gran Prix car’s exhaust would sound like with a vocoder attached to it’s tailpipes. This should easily settle that curiosity.

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Comments (16)
  1. Crazy week. A big ass tornado ripped up thousands of homes 20 minutes south of where I live and work. I’ve still yet to see the damage in person, but my job this week has been to comb through the massive amounts of video coming in from our photographers. It started out as heart wrenching, but that’s was quickly stymied by the overwhelming outpouring of help and support by my fellow Oklahomans.

    I’m helping put on a little benefit show with some local bands and spinning records in between on Saturday. Using music to help in only a way that it can.

    It was comforting this week to come here and see everything ticking along as usual. That new Boards of Canada song was a blessing and the After Dark 2 comp is slowly unveiling itself as another Italians Do It Better masterpiece.

    So it may still seem silly to some to celebrate top comments. But I can assure you a Miguel leg drop and the thought of tailpipe vocoders makes wearing a smile on my face that much Yeasier.

    Thanks for the good week ya’ll.

    • Fucking crazy man, did you know where you lived was going to be ok or were you under the same storm warning as the area that got hit?

      After Dark 2 is great. I’d never listened to Glass Candy before, I really love that chick’s voice. I also love the monologue in “Warm in the Winter” about coming down from heaven and our everlasting light. This has been a pretty amazing couple of weeks for spoken word electronic music.

      • I was at the station so our meteorologists were on it and I knew there was a heavy threat for hail in the city. But about 30 minutes before the tornado came down they started pointing to this area southwest of Moore that was showing heavy signs of rotation. When it actually touched down (and it looked like the ugliest tornado I’ve ever seen) it became clear that Moore was the main target. Everybody has compared it to May 3rd, 1999 and rightfully so, as it went in an eerily similar path as that big fucker that hit 14 years ago.

        So yeah I knew I was safe early on, but it was surreal. I’d say 80-90% of Oklahomans don’t fear tornadoes. We’ve heard lots of stories of people who were standing in the inevitable path of destruction filming it on their phones before going, “Oh Hey! There’s debris spinning around that black cloud. Let’s go in the storm shelter!” Tornadoes are fickle disasters. They can appear or disappear in seconds. But this one started out ugly and built up speed and increased in size. I think it was on ground for 45 minutes.

        “Warm in the Winter” is truly an incredible song. At first the spoken word part could come across as hokey, but I’ll be damned if every time I hear it and she gets to the part where she says, “Hey You! SHOUT!” that I’m compelled to shout out loud in my car by myself. Powerful track. Of course the “You’re beautiful” lines are oh so kind and highlight in a new way the true power of music: to make us feel great.

        And on the topic of spoken word electronic music… you KNOW Boards of Canada are going to have an excellent spoken word sample in that Tomorrow’s Harvest track list. “Reach for the Dead” got me so amped for that album.

      • Glass Candy is my favourite Italians Do It Better band, you have to listen to their B/E/A/T/B/O/X album. Their version of “Computer Love” by Kraftwerk is a must from them, they do such a great job at it.

        • I love Chromatics and I dig me some Glass Candy but I have to say that the “Computer Love” cover is annoying. Ya gotta leave a song like that alone unless you’re going to give it some kind of superb treatment.

          Like how Coldplay sampled part of it for that song “Sappy Slippy Luvvy Duvvy Googoo Gaga Eno Helped Produce This: and Death’s Friends or Something”…

    • Wow. I’m glad you’re okay. I can’t believe the wreckage I’ve been seeing in pictures and videos and whatnot. I can’t imagine losing everything like some people have. I’m glad you’re okay, and it’s awesome you’re putting on that benefit show. Let us know how that goes.

      • It went well! I can now say with the utmost certainty the new Daft Punk is a crowd pleaser. “Get Lucky” is starting to look like a song of the year candidate, especially now with the full version.

        Also the new subwoofer at the venue proved to be extremely effective at playing TNGHT tracks. “Higher Ground” is nutso with proper bass.

        But a good turn out! Went very well.

    • First I thought it was Miguel jumping over the audience and doing a split landing, then quickly after I realized it was a fall and I thought, eeh, not that embarrassing, but it wasn’t till after 1 minute of watching that loop (hey, it’s 6AM where I’m at, I just woke up and I’m still in a half sleep trance) that I noticed he slammed some girls face into the stage.

  2. Heyyy… I feel like I might have enough comment section cred to do what I’m about to do….

    One of my best friends’ band put out an album this week and I’m just really excited about it. I think many people here might enjoy it too. They’re the best musicians I know, and my friend Danny really knows his way around a song. I’m not sure how to describe them other than “indie rock” with somewhat of a 60s pop influence with some folk/americana sounds thrown in there sometimes.

    So I’ll just leave this here… hope it’s not a party foul.

    There’s also this live recording of a song that’s not on the album.

    At the moment the whole album isn’t streaming, but the songs you can listen to give you a pretty good taste.

    This isn’t me marketing or promoting for them. They don’t know I’m doing this. I just really wanted to share.

  3. Thanks for all your support fellow Canadians.

    One day we’ll be able to watch any video we want and have more than three movies to choose from on Netflix.

  4. Much love, Scott from the internet….I won’t lie, was feelin like I was in a mental groove at that particular moment of comment impact. Thanks for the props. Peace….! And remember why we celebrate this weekend gummers….

  5. I can’t get enough of that Miguel GIF. I definitely feel bad for the girl that got neck slammed but damn I wish I saw that live. What a slick move.

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