Beck - "Defriended"

In 2009, “unfriend” was named the Oxford Word Of The Year (unfriend – verb – To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook). As far as I know, “defriend” is still a bootleg variant, but whatever. Lots of people unfriended Beck after his last “album,” the McSweeney’s-published sheet-music collection Song Reader. Can’t blame ’em — it’s not just the expense of purchasing the damn ukulele, but the hassle of learning how to play the thing. But today, Beck has returned with a new standalone single that requires of the listener nothing more than a working Internet connection. Which … yep, you’re good. “Defriended” is skittering and synthy, heavily electronic, with occasional bursts of acoustics (notably a stand-up bass), and looped vocals that build to a small choral section. It reminds me a little bit of Animal Collective, actually. Give it a spin below, let me know how it sounds to you.

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  1. First thought while listening and before reading: sounds like Animal Collective…

    lol kidding, i don’t really think it sounds like AnCo that much, while theres lots happening, but it isn’t over the top chaotic and doesn’t have the hyper trip out vocal sounds that they use.

    Nah, this is all Beck, new Beck moving forward, good Beck.

    If the album’s content is anything like this song it will be a very good album in my opinion :)))))


  3. Becktastic

  4. this is really really good, theres some solid melodies in there

  5. Am I really all the things that are outside of me?

  6. hoping the energy is leaking over from the philip glass piece nyc 73-78 he did for the rework release because that song is a masterpiece and should be cherished.

  7. Yes. Like it. Hope its part of larger album concept somewhere along the same path.

  8. if this is an indicator of a new direction, i can dig it. it suits him well.

  9. I love it, Beck makes any variation of music sound like his own.

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