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This week’s most discussed story was our list of the Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far. What an almost half of a year it’s been! We’re giving one of you the top 10 from our list on vinyl, so if you haven’t commented on that post with your 2013 favorite(s) go do that and you’ll be eligible to win. Also this week we listed Top 25 Music Videos Of 2013 So Far and the 10 Best Arcade Fire Songs. We spoke with Smith Westerns, the Lonely Island, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Beacon, and Disclosure, who earned Album Of The Week honors. We celebrated 20 years of Pottymouth and Recipe For Hate, and 10 years of Hail To The Thief. We ranked Low’s discography, compiled a Monthly Mix, and named Krill a Band To Watch. We saw Daft Punk without their helmets and welcomed back Nine Inch Nails. Scroll down to the highest and lowest rated responses to all of this exciting content!


#10 KiDCHAIR | Jun 4th Score:9

I have to say…Savages hasn’t really done it for me. I enjoy it, but it gets pretty monotoned after awhile. I’m kind of surprised it gets so much attention.

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#9 byers | Jun 5th Score:9


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#8 crania americana | Jun 6th Score:10

Well this retroactively ruins all of my Daft Punk fan fiction.

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#7 theknocks | Jun 6th Score:10

a) we did not take the picture, it was already on the internet. b) we are not label mates with daft punk. We are on a completely different label. Please check facts!


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#6 mastur splinturd | May 31st Score:11

woah, highest rated comment had only seven upvotes?

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#5 KiDCHAIR | Jun 4th Score:12

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#4 honlads | Jun 4th Score:12

James Blake???? The Knife????

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#3 oblivion | Jun 5th Score:12

You guys would pick the original “No Cars Go”…

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#2 vincenotvance | Jun 5th Score:13

“Intervention” is an amazingly underrated song. My body shivers when I hear the organ pipes that open the track.

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Kevin Broydrick | Jun 5th Score:14

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#5 IanisRad | Jun 6th Score:-4

A) Anyone who is a real fan of Daft Punk would know that they wouldn’t want their photo publicized therefor it’s disrespecting their wishes to perpetuate that via your Facebook page. B) You obviously did this for attention. C) I wont listen to any music produced by The Knocks going forward because it’s obviously created by two people who care more about their level of popularity and fame then their level of art.

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Graham Hebert | May 31st Score:-5

Interesting how this cover art is more fascinating and thought-provoking than some of the most Storm Thorgerson-esque albums covers out there. Smart design.

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#3 ramona | Jun 5th Score:-5

This has been the worst year for music I can remember in awhile.

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Jacob Lee | Jun 4th Score:-7

Why don’t you guys stick to making those awful, arbitrary “Worst to Best” lists?

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Corey Tieger | Jun 4th Score:-14

Yikes, this has been a horrible year for music so far. Most of these are fine, but nothing great.

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raptor jesus | Jun 3rd Score:1

Caught the tail end of the stream and it was sounding really great! Except that part where they sampled what sounded like my boss asking me take off my headphones?

Anybody else hear that?

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Comments (53)
  1. Damn those Monday midday album streams! I’ve heard the new BoC a few times now and it’s so great. Reminds me a lot of Geogaddi, which is a huge compliment since that’s my favorite BoC LP.

    In other news, HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THAT FUCK BUTTONS ALBUM COVER?!?!?! Jesus that thing is GORGEOUS! Speaking of Jesus, Yeezus should’ve called up Andrew & Ben for album art advice. Sheesh:

  2. That’s the first time I’ve heard someone say that 2013 has been a horrible year for music. Personally, I can’t get over how great it’s been. And how many more albums are on the way that I’m highly anticipating!

  3. “Editor’s choice” has (justifiably) become “This week in Raptor Jesus”.

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      • Didn’t they “erase evidence of your existence” because you asked them to?

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      • P.S. Not trying to be a jerk or anything. The whole thing just hurt my feelings. No one ever understood or attempted to empathize with it. There was no happy ending to that ordeal, really, at least for me.

      • OK. Let’s do this.

        “I find it very odd that Raptor Jesus has again seized the opportunity at my expense to work his way up the figurative ladder of Stereogum’s teachers’ pet.”

        Whoa. Here’s a loaded quote. “Again”? I never left. In fact, it’s basically my 3-year anniversary:

        My love of HEALTH’s DISCO2 brought me to Stereogum in the first place. I made a comment to correct something in the article, Amrit changed it and even gave me credit. It was a cool feeling! So I stayed.

        I’d get into the second half of this quote, but you elaborate further…

        “Let’s be honest: He rode my efforts on here to secure himself a guest post two years ago,”

        Two years?! Oh man, if only. Maybe you would have forgotten by then. No, it was last year. I didn’t ride your efforts. I say as much in the article you link in your comment.

        ” and then when the writers here later turned against me and began to erase evidence of my existence,”

        honlads nailed this. YOU asked them REPEATEDLY to remove your article. They probably turned against you because you were inconsolable.

        ” Raptor snuck back in full onand has basically done what I used to do but without having had to endure all the criticism and b.s. I did during my presence.”

        SNUCK back in, lololol. Again, never left. Do what you used to do? Nuh-uh. Wrong. What we do is different. I’m here to express my love of certain albums and share my experiences with albums I REALLY love. I haven’t had to endure criticism, because I’m not really expressing anything negative. I’m not a negative person in general. If I don’t like something, I don’t comment about how Stereogum is dumb for covering an artist I don’t like, I IGNORE IT AND MOVE ON.

        *Underscore talks about not accepting my apology*


        “It was a dirty move that hurt me in many ways, you stepped on my head in a really shitty way from a professional stance,”

        Well, we could argue about it being a dirty move or not. I say it wasn’t because it was never my intention. I never knew they asked you to do it. I never knew you were using it as a way to climb “the figurative ladder” in music blog-journalism. I never thought that two people providing two different perspectives of two separate weekends of the same festival would equate to stepping on your head. Again, refer back to my now non-accepted apology for further details, but you could claim my ignorance of how you would react was in fact the “dirty move”. And you have. And here we are. Again.

        “The day I see your real name on here in the by-lines (because it’s going to happen) is probably going to be the day I give up on life.”

        Yikes! Part of me wants to get excited about my future career for the ‘Gum, but not at the expense of you giving up on life. I think this is the part where we have to step back and say, “Hey, why are we REALLY doing this?” Or in the infinite wisdom of EARL, “What the fuck is really going on?” Because I’ve been to awkwardsound quite often in the past couple months, just to see what you’ve been up to. I read your Deafheaven review (100/100 ! ) and really appreciate you posting some of the lyrics for me last week.

        There are two sides to everyone here and I feel like a lot of us know what “Michael_” is like at his best. I’ve seen so many people jump on your past comments threatening your departure where people are practically begging you to stay. Because when you’re right, you’re absolutely fucking right. When it comes to picking bands and knowing what’s TRULY good coming up. Fuck, if it weren’t for your Top Songs of last year, I wouldn’t of heard Charli XCX until Tom wrote his article months later. But you beat him to it, and I KNOW THAT. Maybe the whole Internet doesn’t BUT I FUCKING DO. I give credit where credit is due. Again, I even give you credit on the whole Coachella debacle. If you don’t want to accept my apology, fine, but at least understand where I’m coming from. At least!

        “I don’t know who you really are, but I just know that one bad thing you did to me.”

        Let’s keep it that way. I value my anonymity on the Internet, but if you scrub through my past comments, I actually get pretty personal and share lots about who I truly am. I try to be as honest as I possibly can, and I like to think that’s what people respond to on here, ‘Gum editors included. They know I’m not here for any ulterior purpose other than to be in a community of like-minded music fans that want to talk about music while they’re stuck at work.

        So I did a bad thing to you once. Not on purpose, mind you, but let’s level, I did. How many bad things have you done to others? How many people have you lashed out against on this very site? How many people have you talked about openly and said horribly personal things about on this site? Maybe even in life?

        So nothing I can say can fix this. What if you got what you wanted? That your Coachella write-up TRULY did catapult you to doing your dream job of writing about music as a career? Then what? Then there would have to be another YOU. Another guy just trying to follow his dreams and pissed off that this Michael_ guy gets to write about music but he can’t because it’s one big circle jerk of in-crowds and it’s not what you do, it’s who you know, blah, bluh blah blah BLAH.

        tl;dr A snake eats its own tail.

        • Why on Earth did you bother saying, “So I did a bad thing to you once?” Don’t concede to anything you did not do, even to humor someone. You cannot do something TO someone unless you did it intentionally, and all you did was write about a festival at the behest of Stereogum’s editors. You did not volunteer. At most, Michael_ might be able to argue that the universe conspired against him. You were both two guys who were asked to write something for a website, neither more important than the other (though Michael_’s writeup got more kudos, something he would still like everyone to forget because then he seems more like a victim). There could be no ill intent because there was no way for you to know how Michael_ would react to not being the sole star of the show. The very idea that he should NECESSARILY be the sole star of the show is absolutely insane and the height of narcissism. I pointed this out a year ago, and he never was able to logically explain why he SHOULD have been the only guest writer and why you writing something you were asked to write (JUST LIKE HIM) was wrong.

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          • I shouldn’t have even bothered saying this. We’re on completely different sides of the fence here, none of you actually know all of the details as much as you would like to think you do, so agree to disagree and you can stay in your world as I will stay in mine. I don’t feel the community aspect of this place. I feel more like I’m trying to be part of something that doesn’t want me at all.

            If you want puppies, hugs and rainbows posiness, look elsewhere. I can’t remember who it was, but they said it best upon my removal that I was “nice to those who were nice to him back.” If you think I’m a jerk for reason, that’s probably all on you.

            I can’t wait to die.

          • Michael_,

            It’s really clear that what happened between you and Raptor, you and Sgum, Raptor and Sgum, you and the world, etc. isn’t the real issue here. The issue you have seems to me more of an internal one and I’d suggest you try talking to a professional or at least some close family or friends.

            As an e-bystander, I truly don’t care at all about why you think Raptor ruined your life or why you’re mad at Sgum for banning you even though you had asked for it. It doesn’t really matter that you’re claiming someone hurt your feelings despite the fact that you have spewed some real venom around here. What matters to me is that you seem to be letting this affect your mental and emotional state of being way too much or that there are other things going on in your life that are putting you in a really dark place. I may be a total stranger and you may not give a shit about what I have to say but I just don’t want to find out you did something bad to yourself for whatever reason. You clearly have some talents and none of this is worth talking about death for. Cheer up, dude. There’s much more opportunity out there for you to be clinging to this situation. Free yourself.

            My love,
            woah woah woah

          • woah woah woah and everyone else,

            Clinging to this situation has actually prevented me from moving on in a productive sense on here and maybe even in my own music writing pursuits, and literally moments after re-reading everything above, my heart doesn’t even shake the same way about it with anger or frustration like it did before. If this makes any sense at all, I think maybe I’ve just been using the “woe is me” excuse to continue on with self-pitying myself instead of accepting that I’ve gotten over it, but it’s scary to admit that and admit that I’ve found peace and resolution on my own. I’ve invested / wasted so much time on here talking about it, and now that it’s a dead issue, I don’t know what else I’d have to offer this site if I weren’t the annoying guy haha

            Accepting RJ’s apology would also be a huge step in admitted it’s no big deal, and I of course know his apology was sincere (unlike the copious messages I’ve received since leaving Stereogum from readers here who’ve voiced how it sucks that I don’t post anymore, only to find out they were buttering me up just to say, “Hey, by the way, can you write about my band?”)

            That said, I accept the apology, RJ, and putting Coachella guest postgate behind me once and for all actually feels “right” at this point. I’m driving in my own lanes these days and haven’t been around here enough to know whether any of you are take those same roads in music as I do. I don’t read this site as often as I used to, but I like what M. Nelson writes and I suggest everyone read the Band to Watch article posted yesterday on Krill.

      • I find it very odd that where the fuck have you been?

        Fuck apologies, fuck whatever world you thought you dominated here. You’re just being a big, gigantic, whining internet baby. I want to buy you internet diapers. (here is where I post a video of a dumb baby being dumb because babies are dumb. Dummy {Portishead}).

        I wish that I could make you see, michaelunderscore….

      • I really wish you would just go away like you keep threatening to do. That is you, right? Because you aren’t this special, and it’s truly annoying that you take over entire comment sections with your incessant pouting and whining.

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          • No, actually, I honestly believe that you have some mental issues, probably undiagnosed. The stuff you type here is frighteningly bipolar. And that’s not hyperbole. I mean, didn’t you threaten suicide at one point? Whatever. It doesn’t matter how you try to rationalize it anymore, your nonsense is just tired. If you’re here because you love music, then talk about music. But that’s not what you do, is it? Instead you create these giant strings of nonsensical drama that revolve around you and your “feelings” and how Stereogum is affecting you life. Dude, its the internet, nobody knows “you”, and I’m willing to be that pretty close to nobody cares. You need help with your issues and you aren’t going to find it here.

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          • Was this rambling nonsense directed at me? If so, what the fuck are you talking about? All you have to do is click on my name to see that your first paragraph is complete and utter bullshit. Seek help, man. Seriously, seek help. All further comments from you will be ignored.

          • Haha, dude calm down. For a good read, get acquainted with Reznor’s epic “I quit the Internet” rant of ’09:

            I’m not trying to troll this place, but I have a hard time trying to keep a straight face and being reasonable once I sense that you want to keep this shit fest going. You could have just let the 10:35am comment be the end of it, but 7 hours later, you restart the conversation. And then you complain how you wish it would stop even though it did 7 hours earlier. Makes no sense to me, but I’ll give you the pointless drama you appear to want. I dunno if you get off on being a righteously worded speaker of judgement upon others or something. Sounds it!

          • At least you’ve got Arrested Development.

      • Dude, you’ve got a fucking problem and I don’t think it’s loving bad bitches.

  4. “This is the worst year in music EVER!” – stinky doo doo faces

  5. I was at a show last night and someone handed me a CD with a clear cover.
    So disappointed when I got home to find it was a demo from a local juggalo rapper and not Yeezus.

  6. Scores are quite low these days… Little observation there.

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    • I have an explanation for that. Since the new voting system was set up, I am asked to login to Stereogum every day, when before that seldom happened.
      So I guess most people can’t be bothered to login just to upvote a comment.

      • I thought I was the only one. I just logged in to reply. There have been a lot of comments I wanted to make but then noticed I was logged out again. It’s my fault for being too lazy to login every-time. I still enjoy browsing….

        cause you my musicblog WISH YOU THE BEST FOR REEEEEAL

        • Nope. Me too. I figure if you log in with Facebook it will remember you, but I don’t know for sure because, fuck Facebook. If that’s true though, I’m guessing the change is intentional in order to get more people to log in that way. I was actually about ready to find a way to contact someone at Stereogum to ask them why, and if they could please kindly do us a solid and fix it. Its very uncool in 2013 to have to log back in every time you return to the site after closing your browser.

          • Really? Why the down vote? Because I think Facebook is a worthless waste of time? Tell me you don’t stay logged in if you use Facebook, Stereogum? Anybody?

            Regardless, you should be using Disqus so that all of our posts here can be tracked with the many other sites we comment on through their interface. It would also allows for ‘gum topic conversations to continue more easily once they’ve slid off the first page of the site or our profiles.

          • Ha! They fixed that shit. Thanks Stereogum.

        • Yeh me too, now I know I am not alone. This certainly has adversely affected my voting frequency. Any response from Stereogum about this?

      • I completely agree. Not only do I have to login every time but my username and password aren’t automatically saved so I have to retype in both manually. Not worth it most of the time

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  8. So, who’s going to write a “Where’s the Beef” article about the whole debacle?

  9. Whoa this has been the most unnecessarily dramatic Shut Up Dude in like 4 evr. I’m still pushing for an HBO adaption, or at least a reality show or something on TLC. “The Real Commenters of Stereogum”.

    Also, second time in Top 10 :) <3 u guys. ;)))))))

  10. Stereogum!

    Come for music!

    Stay for the squabbling!

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