Sigur Rós - Kveikur

We’ve already heard three songs from Sigur Rós’s Kveikur — “Brennisteinn,” “Ísjaki,” and the title track (and they’re all very good) — and now we can stream the album in full. Kveikur doesn’t hit stores till next week, but today, Amazon is streaming the whole thing. Go here to hear it; share your reactions in the comments.

Kveikur is out 6/18 via XL Recordings.

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  1. Here we go…

  2. Love it. The last two albums disappointed me but this is a great step in a great direction for SR.

  3. After 1 listen, I really like it. Brennisteinn is a new sound from them, and the rest is more or less standard SR — which is great. I didn’t hate Valtari, but it was bloated beyond belief and not interesting enough to sustain itself. I’ve only listened to the entire thing like 3 times and I could never get into it.

    I can already tell this one has more staying power. Stormur is killer.

  4. Simply awesome. Sigur Ros has gone in a completely new direction. Aside from one or two songs on Takk…., they haven’t really done this dark pop thing very much. It suits them well, and the “singles” from the album, Brennistein, Kveikur, and Isjaki, are just great.

    Valtari was not a bad album, it was just very nondescript after the first four tracks. The second half of the album sounds like all of their meandering b-sides which are good in a shuffle but not on an album, and not four in a row.

    Kveikur stands out as one of their stronger albums.

  5. i’m just happy to get two albums in two years from these guys, especially since we had to wait four years for valtari.

    but am i the only one who thought valtari was pretty great? i actually sat down and gave it a really good try a few months ago, and it was only then i really dug it. and it really bookends the sonic extremes for sigur ros pretty well in my opinion. i guess it’s not too surprising nobody really liked it, since riceboy sleeps got a pretty lukewarm reception, and that album was pretty similar in tone. i’ve got to admit though, kinda glad it didn’t spell a new direction for the band, because this material is definitely stronger.

    • Rob, I’m not in disagreement that Valtari was great… it’s just that there are only so many essential elements of what makes a great Sigur Ros track that one can strip away before it doesn’t really excite any more. As the album went on, I felt it went too far into faceless ambient music. There were definitely at least six really great tracks on it though…

      It didn’t help though I guess that my first listen to that album was with the two iTunes bonus tracks which add an extra fifteen minutes or so on the ambient end of the album.

      Also, track two on Kveikur, Hrafntinna, is so, so so good.

    • I really did enjoy Valtari, but like J R said, it was just a little monotoned for a Sigur Ros release. Even compared to Riceboy Sleeps, which I actually absolutely love. Riceboy’s intent was almost a faceless beauty, and it excelled in that regard. Valtari seemed like afterthoughts, more like background music. Perhaps that was there intent, but I tend to expect a little more power from the Sigur Ros name, even among their softer output. This perspective does have more to do with my expectations rather than the actual quality of the music, but… that’s kind of what my take on it was. I’m very pleased with this new direction though.

  6. I’m a pretty big Sigur Ros fan. They were one of my first concerts in high school, and I cried in the back of the Brown Theater in Louisville. Seen them several times since. Honestly, I didn’t ever give Valtari a proper listen; something felt too insubstantial about it. But this album has some real muscle. Powerful, beautiful songs! Glad to get an album like this from these lovely Icelanders.

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