When we did this poll last year, we carefully chose slightly different language, asking you guys not to vote for the “Song Of The Summer,” but the “Indie Song Of The Summer.” Is there a difference? Hell if I know, man. I’m not even sure if “indie” is a real thing anymore — and if it is a thing, I have no idea how to define it. So this year, we’ve dropped the “Indie” qualifier entirely, and we’re making eligible anything that you guys are listening to. So it could be “Black Skinhead” or “Get Lucky” … or Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young” or Disclosure’s “When A Fire Starts To Burn” … or, hell, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” if you want. Hey, you could even vote for Queens Of The Stone Age’s cover of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” It’s wide open over here.

Last year, your “Indie Song Of The Summer” was Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built,” which walked away with more than twice as many votes as its closest runner-up (“Heaven,” by the Walkmen). And honestly, I think that track would have won no matter what we called the poll. Would you guys have voted for “Call Me Maybe,” or that Gotye track, if they’d been eligible? I dunno, maybe you would have. So we’ll put it to the test. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: We start here, today, in the comments section of this very post, where you will name your top candidate(s) for “Song Of The Summer.” Once a few prospective contenders have emerged, we’ll make an official shortlist (next week). And then, we’ll vote on it, and we’ll announce the winner in early July.

As you might expect, I’ll kick things off by nominating Deafheaven’s “Dream House.” Now you go.

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  1. Anything on the Disclosure album…

  2. Probably Coliseum’s “Fuzzbang” for me.

  3. Is “Ya Hey” too thematically dark for summer? If not, I’ll vote for it. If yes, I’ll nominate “Diane Young” in its stead.

    Outside of VW, I think “Sea of Love” by The National might be my personal song of the summer

  4. Get Lucky. Is this really a competition?


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  7. And I really like White Noise more than When A Fire Starts to Burn

  8. Torn btw “Shout it Out” (Cronin) & “Chain Smoker” (Chance)

  9. Dream House

  10. Vampire Weekend’– “Diane Young”
    Wild Nothing–”A Dancing Shell”
    !!!–”One Girl One Boy”
    Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams–”Get Lucky”
    Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu–”Q.U.E.E.N.”

  11. Lorde – “Royals”

  12. ive listened to Smith Westerns “Idol” about billion times in a row and guess that it would be my summer song

  13. I go Generationals’ “Put a Light On.” That song just feels like summer.

  14. Painful like- Austra

  15. Q.U.E.E.N. ft. Erykah Badu by Janelle Monae. Obviously.

  16. CHVRCHES – Gun

  17. Q.U.E.E.N. ft Erykah Badu – Janelle Monae.

  18. Get Lucky is the quintessential summer song.

  19. Chance the Rapper – Chain Smoker

  20. Maybe it’s a bit old by music industry stand-points, but “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend” by Tegan and Sara is a winner in my books.

    That and “Diane Young.”

  21. “Riptide” – Vance Joy

  22. Mikal Cronin – Change

    • Upvote for being the first to go for Mikal Cronin, although I think I’d pick Weight over Change… but in all honesty, there is not a weak track on that entire album.

  23. vampire weekend – step
    so so glos – son of an american

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  25. Diane Young – Vampire Weekend
    Latch – Disclosure
    Ain’t That the Way – Divine Fits
    Stare at the Sun – Eleanor Friedberger
    Shout It Out – Mikal Cronin
    Recover – CHVRCHES

  26. I’ll preface this by saying that obviously “Get Lucky” is the big favorite here. If it loses out that would be a Villanova in ’85 style upset. Having said that, I’m actually more of a “Doin’ it Right” person if we’re talking Daft Punk. And my personal pick overall would easily be “Wakin’ on a Pretty Day” –– I anticipate starting many glorious walks with this tune in my brains. After seeing the video, I can’t think of Waxahatchee’s “Coast to Coast” without getting some solid summer vibes either. So again, while it’s probably an inexorable march to song of the summer victory for “Get Lucky,” there are still a few other nice options out there.

  27. Here are some good runners up for “Get Lucky”:

    Phoenix – “Trying to Be Cool”
    Classixx – “Long Lost”
    Todd Terje – “Strandbar”
    Holy Ghost – “Dumb Disco Ideas”
    Chvrches – “Gun”
    The National – “Sea of Love”
    Daft Punk – “Fragments of Time”

  28. Daft Punk – Doin It Right
    Chance the Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses
    Foxygen – San Francisco
    Mikal Cronin – Shout It Out
    Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N.
    Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

  29. My Top 5

    Disclosure – Latch
    Young Galaxy – New Galaxy
    Chance the Rapper – Favourite Song
    DJ Koze – My Plans
    Kurt Vile – Wakin on a Pretty Day

    I put together a more extensive playlist over at ThisConnect a couple weeks ago if your interested

  30. Foxygen- San Francisco
    Mikal Cronin- Shout it Out

  31. might be a bit saccharine for most people, but just going to offer icona pop’s “girlfriend” – that thing feels like it was engineered to be a ‘song of the summer’.

    aside #1 – first streamed the new washed out track at my office yesterday and thought “meh”. listened to it today in a park in dc’s currently gorgeous (if a bit humid) weather and am liking it much much better. maybe i’m giving it the benefit of the doubt seeing as “feel it all around” is my song of the summer for every summer since 2009.

    aside #2 – does anyone tend to listen to real estate more often as the weather warms? have been giving ‘ ‘days’ a spin almost every day of late.

  32. Beck – Defriended
    Waxahatchee – Coast to Coast
    Mikal Cronin – Shout It Out
    Kurt Vile – Wakin’ on a Pretty Day
    Vampire Weekend – Step

  33. Forbidden Fruit – J. Cole.

  34. ‘Au Revoir’ by the Front Bottoms – been nonstop playing for my summer

  35. Can’t say I can pick just one song, but all of Cayucas’ Bigfoot is my summer album.

  36. how is “bubble butt” not on everyone’s list?

  37. Kurt Vile – Wakin’ on a pretty day
    Jagwar Ma – Did you have to
    Washed Out – It all feels right
    Foxygen – San Francisco
    Cayucas – High School Lover
    Holy Ghost! – Dumb Disco Ideas
    Vampire Weekend – Step
    Major Lazer – Jessica

  38. The-Dream – Michael!!!

    It’s “Get Lucky” tho

  39. toro y moi – so many details
    vampire weekend – step
    bored nothing – let down
    the national – graceless
    chvrches – gun
    portugal the man – modern jesus

  40. Something out of this world from Yeezus no doubt.

    • ‘Honestly at this point, I could give a fuck about selling a million records as long as I put out an album for the summer that y’all can rock to for all fuckin’ summer.’ —from the man himself.

      …so here’s hoping!

  41. Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” & “Doin’ It Right”
    Deafheaven – “Dream House”
    Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young”
    Kurt Vile – “KV Crimes” & “Wakin’ On A Pretty Day”
    Kanye West – “Black Skinheads” & whatever else I like when I hear Yeezus next week
    Dirty Beaches – “Casino Lisboa” (seriously, ya’ll need to get on that Dirty Beaches album)
    Phoenix – “Entertainment”

    Should help flesh it out. But I’m pretty sure the album version of “Get Lucky” is a shoe-in here.

    • I listened to a little of the new Dirty Beaches, was intrigued but wasn’t sure if it was my thing… I’m gonna delve into it b/c you told me so. Done and done.

      • I love the option of how to listen to that album since it’s not just a double album, it’s two distinctly different albums. “Love Is The Devil” is my favorite as of right now, because I love instrumental tracks and the collection on that album is SPECTACULAR.

        “Drifters” is also really solid. A noticeable improvement from “Badlands”. The nearly 10 minute track “Mirage Hall” being one of the bigger highlights.

        I can’t stop listening to either of them. Plus, it goes back to what I’ve been saying since Microcastle/Weird Era — “Two albums are better than one”

      • Yeah I dunno. I tried it out. It’s not my thing. Maybe I’m old fashioned or closed minded, but I need a song to be in there somewhere. (I’m not trying to be a dick; maybe I AM old fashioned or closed minded)

        • So I’ll be honest, I dl’d a torrent last night. I’m not sure where Drifters ends and Love is the Devil begins. Even has all 16 tracks under Drifters/Love is the Devil.

          Anywho, I listened to the first half (Drifters?) this morning and it’s definately interesting and it is definately more musical than you are giving it credit for. It reminds me of a more abstract Ariel Pink, which is of course pretty fucking abstract, but still…

          I haven’t listened to the second half yet but my understanding is that is where shit is gonna get real weird. Maybe that is what you heard Nathan.

          • Each album is 8 tracks, so track 9 fires up “Love Is The Devil”

            To Nathan: “Drifters” is where all the more standard songs are located. Part of what I like about this double album is that he could’ve mixed them all together and just given those “Drifters” tracks “Love Is the Devil” interludes. But I much prefer that he separated them into two distinct albums. Sometimes I’m in the mood for one or the other, so it’s nice to be given that option for variety.

            To plb: The second half isn’t really weird. It’s actually very calming and not too far detached from Brian Eno (I know, I know, the de facto instrumental artist to point to. But I feel it’s apt). He really explores the feelings of Eastern Europe, not only in song titles, but apparently in mood too. My friend was telling me last night that he’d been to Serbia recently (He has two songs that reference “Belgrade” and the Danube River in the titles) and said that the music really matched the way the area felt. The whole album really feels like a travelogue and naturally comes off as foreign at first. Eventually, it becomes a very comfortable listen as it is a very personal album (from what I read in T. Cole’s interview with the guy). Good for you for checking it out! I hope you enjoy the 2nd album.

  42. Mariah Carey & Miguel – #Beautiful
    Deafheaven – Dream House
    Vampire Weekend – Step
    Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
    Mariah Carey & Miguel – #Beautiful (because it’s that good)

  43. These are POP, but they are THE songs of Summer
    Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell
    Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,”
    #Beautiful by Mariah Carey ft. Miguel

    These are the indie songs of the summer
    Neon Junkyard – Deerhunter
    A Tooth for An Eye – The Knife
    Don’t – Pheonix
    Diane Young – Vampire Weekend

  44. I think the answer is obvious: Shut Up – Savages

  45. Anything from Mikal Cronin, Chance the Rapper, Parquet Courts or Vampire Weekend will do it for me. Come on people, “GET LUCKY” IS TOO OBVIOUS! If anything, “Lose Yourself” is the better song. Also, I found that album to be generally overrated. Don’t hurt me.

    • Nothing but love. I actually prefer “Lose Yourself to Dance” — my friends and I often shout out “SWEAT!” for no reason in public places since that song. Fun times.

      Don’t hurt Hartford guys!

      • Actually I was talking about the song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

        Just kidding.

        Thanks for the love and protection, though. Everyone knows that protection from Raptor Jesus is the ULTIMATE.

        • He’s so stagnant, he knows
          When he goes back to his mobile home, that’s when it’s
          Back to the lab again, yo
          This whole rhapsody
          He better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him


  46. OH GOD I FORGOT “BLURRED LINES!” FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE I JUST SAID! SONG OF THE CENTURY! Really though, that should win – straight fire.

  47. 1. When a Fire Starts to Burn
    2. Get Lucky
    3. Mikal Cronin – Shout it Out (or Weight)
    4. Ye – Black Skinhead
    5. Coast to Coast
    6. Kacey Musgraves – Step Off
    7. Chance – Cocoa Butter Kisses
    8. Mariah/Miguel – #Beautiful
    9. TNGHT – Acrylics

  48. Oh and Run the Jewels still hasn’t dropped. That’ll be a huge summer album for many.

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