“Alarm” is another tune from Christopher Laufman, bka Wise Blood’s upcoming debut full-length id. It’s the kind of off-kilter, multi-layered pop jam we’ve come to expect from Laufman, with an alarm pulsing in the background, almost like a wild and vivid dream you refuse to wake up from despite being alerted that it’s time to. Check it out below.

id is out 6/25 via Dovecote.

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  1. Wise Blood is wildly inconsistent, but when he’s on he is ON.
    There’s a sample about a minute in that says something along the lines of “some residents think the arsonist could strike again tonight” that gave me chills.

  2. by wildly inconsistent I think you mean wildly amazing! always.

  3. Beautiful – amazing – I will be buying Wise Blood’s new album as soon as it is humanly possible… cannot wait!! New Boards of Canada and now new WB? Music Gods are blessing us this month.

  4. This doesn’t give me that feeling I get when I listen to B.I.G. E.G.O. It’s good, I just don’t think I’m going to like the new album as much as I still love `+`. Oh, well. No disrespect.

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