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The Justin Timberlake-co-owned new Myspace apparently launched today, despite the fact that registration has already been opened to the public and the editorial has been delivering a lot of content. For today’s official opening ceremony, the site has released two commercials directed by photographer Ryan McGinley. The ads feature a ton of musicians partying, like Pharrell, DIIV, Sky Ferreira, Trash Talk, Charli XCX, Riff Raff, Schoolboy Q, Ryan Hemsworth, Mac Miller, and Ciara, as well as some fairly gross but brief making out. Check out two versions of the clip below, one soundtracked by the Orwells’ “Mallrats La La La” and the other by FIDLAR’s “5 to 9.”

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  2. People poke fun at MySpace, but in a modern age where facebook is just an unbearable collection of baby pictures, food and humble brags and tweets are just recyclings of news, ambiguous thoughts from fake celebs or a bunch of professional writings high-fiving each other for doing their jobs, I would love to revert back to its simplicity because social media just wasn’t as much a thing back then as it is now. And if that happened, I’m sure I’d be wishing for the days when AIM was holding court and everyone would be losing sleep over deeply intense late night conversations about teenage relationship woes.

    Anyway, this prompted me to check out MySpace, but I have enough social media accounts to handle as it is so nice commercial, but it hasn’t sold me yet.

    • I definitely see that, having a more music-defined social network experience seems logical. For me though, it seems like it’s just kind of a superfluous service now that theres soundcloud, facebook, twitter, bandcamp, etc. I’m not really sure that myspace can actually offer any more that the sites that currently exist.

      I think that while it would be nice compared to the bloated facebook pages, etc., in reality it looks like it would just become another social media account that people would have. It’s a crowding market as is, and I’m not sure myspace is necessary. Also I do find it a bit strange that they want to revive the brand of myspace, seeing as it carries essentially no weight any more, it seems to me like it would have been a better, more productive decision to use a similar platform and build a completely new brand.

      What I’m saying is, although the more simplified social network experience sounds cool, I don’t think anyone will delete their own personal facebook account to switch over to myspace, making it another unnecessary addition.

      That being said, this commercial was pointless and revealed literally nothing about the site or how it works now, so I’ll be looking into it soon and will formulate my opinion based on that.

  3. Yeah well, good luck with that.

  4. sad ass fucks would do for a dollar lol, you can see the shame in their eyes as they do this commercial

  5. DIIV just lost all that real cred they had earned over the past 15 minutes…what a joke band

  6. Sky Ferreira and Charli XCX would have be 9 years old when myspace was popular.

  7. What does this even say/tell us about the platform/changes of the new myspace?

  8. I’ve never done MySpace as a social site, but I just have some music playlists I keep on there. Why? If you want to find any music, no matter how obscure, you will find it there. It’s unparalleled in that regard.

    Myspace bought IMEEM, and stupidly, didn’t use all the great stuff on that well-established site. That’s why I joined MySpace, trying to get my IMEEM stuff, damn it. MySpace said we’d get our our content back, but that was a big fat lie. Now I just have my lonely playlists.

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