Father John Misty

Each year during Bonnaroo, the festival records a video series featuring stripped-down acoustic sets called the “Hay Bale Sessions.” Below, check out a session from this year’s fest: Father John Misty playing an acoustic version of “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.”

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  1. This is great but I’m just curious does anybody know why he looks so fucked up and cross-eyed?

    • You Tube has a video of him on 3/5/09, talking to the audience in Stockholm about an eye condition he was diagnosed with called 4th nerve palsy where his superior oblique muscle in one of his eyeballs (malfunctions/has lost control?). This is the first time it’s been obvious to me on a video. Maybe life on the road is causing it to be more pronounced or something. It was a little concerning when I saw it. He referred to it in the 2009 video as “no big deal.”

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