Kanye West's American Psycho Short Film

As we reported on Saturday, one of the unlikely promotions for Kanye West’s Yeezus is a recreation of a memorable American Psycho scene with Scott Disick in Christian Bale’s role and Jonathan Cheban in Jared Leto’s role. It was screened at a listening party in Los Angeles last week, and is now online. Watch it below.

Yeezus is out tomorrow on Def Jam. Read our review here.

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  1. Watching this makes me realize what an outstanding actor Christian Bale really is. I’m also glad I never have to watch this promo video ever again.

  2. Weird Al and Huey Lewis did this better.

  3. That was awful. I would have preferred an amateurish and poorly edited version of the original. It would’ve been humorous, and the acting would be tolerable.

  4. Now we need a Fight Club promo vid.

  5. This is legitimately awful. I had high school projects with better acting. I assume this was some weird family obligation.

  6. If they called this a commercial instead of a short film, I would be more forgiving of the godawful acting.

    • I’m glad S-gum called it a promo video. Hilarious how Pitchfork is calling it a “short film” to kiss his ass. This is a really dumb video; lame concept, lamer execution. They even word it as “American Psycho-themed”…themed?? It’s an actual scene from the movie with certain words from the script swapped to be about Yeezy…and he used two of the most unlikable people from his new circle to terribly act out the parts. How original and entertaining.

      The worst thing Kanye can do for his career would be diving deeper into associations Kim’s disgusting family.

      And come on – we all know he’s a crazy, insecure, loud-mouth egomaniac who thinks he’s god gift to most things, but is Kanye really serious when he compares himself to Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, etc.? How delusional is this jerkoff? Walt Disney and Steve Jobs created empires and changed the landscape of the field they worked in. Iconic influencers. Kanye made a bunch of songs people like and turned off at least half of those people by being a douchebag. He hasn’t come anywhere close to accomplishing what these giants (oh yeah, Jesus, too…fucking hell) have done. No one gives a shit about what he wears or the clothes he’s trying to make, no ones takes anything he says seriously, he’s fathering a child with a soulless, brainless, talentless, money-grubbing, tool who had no problem selling a video of herself swallowing cum, and I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for his team of engineers and musicians, he probably wouldn’t have made most of the hit songs. I’d love for him to respond to this and just explain why exactly he feels he’s as important as he is. He makes some damn good music but it’s not actually that revolutionary or groundbreaking. Even the new album art is completely unoriginal and boring. Clearly, he’s not too good at making “short films” either because this blows and “My Dark” was empty, wannabe art-school pastiche.

      I like a ton of his music but it’s getting harder and harder to say that.

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