Empire Of The Sun

Sydney natives Empire of the Sun brought their theatrical brand of fantasy synth-pop to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night in Los Angeles. Appearing in support of their sophomore album Ice On The Dunes, the band gave a dynamic performance of the record’s leading single, “Alive” (whose video is as epic and drugged out as one might expect).

Sporting an array of headgear best described as futuristic-tribal-chic, the band danced around on stage with some very excited friends in gold body suits. Seems like a real party. Watch it now.

Ice On The Dunes dropped yesterday on Astralwerks.

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  1. The Sleepy Jackson used to be so good, this is just painful.

  2. Yo, not to be a dick, but do people sincerely enjoy this?

  3. Sometimes artists have to do unbearable, pretentious, awful music to pay the bills, and since the breakthrough success of ‘walking on a dream’, it appears Littlemore/Steele are in this artsy-fartsy musical phase for this and a third album…do I hate easily, maybe, if I was on the internet jesting, but I like ‘Ice On The Dune’, songs like ‘Surround Sound’/'Ice On The Dune’ keep Empire’s sound fresh and the icetray pop singles of ‘DNA’/'Alive’ keep the pop kids a’poppin’ and a’dancin’. Though hopefully down the road Steele will vacate these ’21st Century Starlight Express Jamiroquai Headdresses’ and record another Sleepy Jackson album, cause there’s no doubt that he’s a ‘Next Brian Wilson in waiting’ after producing the most genuinely awesome opus of his generation with 2006′s “Personality”.

  4. “But even in that moment, when all appeared lost, there was one thing that the King of Shadows black heart simply could not have imagined… The Emperor and the Prophet have never abandoned hope.’

  5. Soooo, I’m guessing everybody who previously commented has been completely ignoring EofS for the last few years, because this is exactly what they’ve been doing.

  6. not sure what deserves more attention, Steele’s creepy facial hair or Littlemore’s prematurely graying hair. Because this performance is even blander than the song.

    What’s the rest of the album like? does it get better?

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