Andrew W.K.

Since last night people all over have been tuning in to watch Andrew W.K. attempt to break the record for “longest drum session in a retail store” by playing drums for 24 hours straight. The craziest part is that he’s actually closing in on the final hour! You can watch the stream on O Music’s website, or if you live in New York you still have time to head over to Times Square and root the poor guy on for yourself. Seriously…he’s not looking too good. His usual big grin has turned into more of a pained grimace, and I can’t help but feel like I’m watching some weird real-life version of the Hunger Artist play out…only with partying. Fortunately W.K. has had some fellow drummers show up to perform with him and keep him going. Right now Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) is up there with him, but he’s also been visited by Questlove, and American hero Lil Bub the Cat. Check it out below and you can witness a rare moment where the party-god seems to have broken out of his character, he’s just all focus right now.

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  1. 24 hours!?! Try 5 days in a commercial retail outlet –

    • Not only is Lou Mars the real drumming marathon hero, but he’s the most important thing to happen to music since ears. You guys gotta check him out.

      “Lou Mars played for 108.5 hours, (5 days); 11.5 hours short of the standing 120 hours set by Russ Prager in March of 2009 but six hours more than Ali’s record in 2008 placing Lou’s attempt in the second over-all longest marathon drummer effort in the world (up to this event date).”

      How is this Andrew WK shit getting so much attention when Mr. Mars played 5 times longer??!

  2. wait, but he took a break right? with like an hour and 20 left, i definitely saw him take a break. right???

    • The Guinness World record marathon drumming rules (also partially in an article quoted by Andrew) do not allow you to defecate or urinate while performing on the drum set. Therefore, the rules state that for every hour you play, you acquire a 5 minute break. If you do not use it, then you may accrue your breaks to use as a longer one. You are also not allowed to repeat the same song within a 4 hour period nor stop more than 30 secs between songs. The songs drums must start within 30 sec and not end prior to 30 secs within the song. You must perform ‘known’ songs. Lou Mars performed for 5 days at the NorCal Strength and Fitness Shop which sells retail equipment and memberships within its gym, making his performance a retail location as the establishment was running and open to the public during the event. Russ Prager “tapped” his way to a record by not performing the songs. Steven Gual did one hour better than Russ, but also came off the drum kit and played on just two drums for many hours. Lou Mars is the only drummer to play over 100 hours on the entire drum set while maintaining the song structures in an aggressive manner as they were meant to be played. The entire event was filmed and documented.

  3. This is really cool. Congrats Andrew W.K.! Doing any activity non-stop for 24 hours is an achievement in my book. Drumming is a physically demanding thing to do for an hour-long set, I cannot imagine doing it that long!

  4. I wonder if he had a way of doing coke during that 24 hours.

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