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It’s officially summer and we’re asking you to pick the season’s defining jam. The poll officially launched yesterday and you can vote here. This week also saw our most-discussed Premature Evaluation of the year so far with Tom’s Yeezus review. Elsewhere we listed the 10 best Pink Floyd songs and ranked Black Sabbath albums, worst to best. We spoke with Jeff Tweedy, Marc Maron, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Laura Ballance. We celebrated the 20th anniversaries of Covenant and Exile In Guyville. And we made Holly, Bonnaroo ASL translator, into an Internet celebrity. As always, your highest and lowest rated responses to these things and more are below.



Pat Houston | Jun 14th Score:25

First impression: This owes a lot to El-P and Death Grips.

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#9 adddo | Jun 14th Score:25

But what if I get arrested?

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Zach Keali’i Murphy | Jun 14th Score:27

Fully expecting someone to be like:

“Meh. I like the audio from the projection recordings better.”

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#7 crania americana | Jun 14th Score:30

This album’s just like that time when Steve Jobs came up with the ipod, but more indebted to French pastries.

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#6 KiDCHAIR | Jun 14th Score:33

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Amir Cagan | Jun 15th Score:34

10/10 best new kid

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#3 Dick Litman | Jun 14th Score:43

thanks for the link man

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#2 jake price | Jun 14th Score:43

I’m fairly new to Stereogum, but I’ve been able to form a general idea on how comment voting works here:

disagreeing with the consensus: -2 to -10
including a gif: +5 to +15
asking a rhetorical question: +1 to +5
being a new member and posting a guide to how the comment voting on Stereogum works: ???

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#1 honlads | Jun 14th Score:52

“Blood on the Leaves” at 1:07. Hot damn.

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Tom Mardy | Jun 14th Score:-10

Overhyped? It only leaked in the last few hours. Can you even use that word yet? If so then that’s just impressive in itself!


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Mike Doull | Jun 14th Score:-10

Way Way WAY better than Dark Twisted Fantasy. Guess Pitchfork better start giving out 11′s…

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Colin Pate | Jun 20th Score:-11

most of this list is great, but . . . Wish You Were Here? This is the cheesiest, most by-the-numbers song they ever wrote.

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#2 kmorby | Jun 14th Score:-12

Only if Evan-I-Would-Lick-Kanye’s-Butthole-Minsker writes it.

Carrie Battan is the best thing to happen to Pitchfork since Ryan Dombal and before him Rob Mitchum. Dombal is skewed, though. He would still give this a 10 even though there’s one great song on it. Tom Breihan would also give it a 10.

If any Kanye album deserved a 10, it was Late Registration. My Dark, Graduation, and College were all 8-9 worthy. I don’t remember how 808s did, but anything above a 5 is ridiculous. The only great song on that album was the pure pop one–Robocop.

I think it should get a 6.9 for effort. The 10 for

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#1 triangle | Jun 14th Score:-29

you people actually listen to this guy and take him seriously lol.

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The Aura of the H-Man | Jun 18th Score:4

Meh. Wake me when they do an hour long version of My Sharona.

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  1. Oh my god #3 worst comment is so….so wrong.

    Also, now every time I hear “Blood on the Leaves”, I think of that gif. Thanks, honlads.

    • i understand where he’s coming from. i do like that song, but there’s a reason why it’s one of the first songs that so many people learn to play on the guitar – shit is extremely easy. just your standard C-D-Am-G affair, with a little bit of hammer-ons/pull-offs thrown in the mix. even the solo is super simple.

      now, insofar as being “cheesy” goes, i disagree. but i can see how “we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl” could come off as cheesy to many.

      • I’m not claiming that you were implying otherwise, but someone’s got to say this:

        (1) There is no inherent relationship between the simplicity/complexity of a song and its value.

        (2) The song is overplayed, especially by beginning guitarists, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s awesome.

        • i’m with you on all of that. i’m just saying that i can see how some might characterize the song as “by the numbers,” and to a lesser extent, “cheesy.” it’s a good song, though (note that worst comment #3 didn’t call it “bad”).

    • No problem.

  2. You might hate this…

    But this is the best, most accurate, not so much of a yeezus review, but more of a breakdown of kayne’s persona segment i’ve ever heard.

    From NPR:

  3. Anybody else heard the new Fuck Buttons LP?

    • Yeah, it’s pretty good but I think I need more time with it. My first impression is that I don’t think it’s going to topple Street Horrrsing or Tarot Sport.

      • That’s what I’m dealing with as well. It doesn’t all flow together like those first two LPs. Plus, I feel like the producers they worked with in the past added something extra to the equation.

        The full length version of The Red Wing is what I wanted though. The shorter tracks are actually the early stand outs for me. However those two last tracks are pretty terrific.

  4. Whoa, I’ve been gone a few days, but thanks, Scott!

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