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This year’s installment of Solid Sound Festival — Wilco’s recurring summer music festival in Massachusetts — began last night. For the first night, Wilco headlined with a set of 27 covers. Below, check out the band’s renditions of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Cut Your Hair” by Pavement. In case you missed it, check out our recent Progress Report interview with Jeff Tweedy.

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  1. Mr Tambourine Man!!

  2. This would have been an entertaining video cover to watch of “Get Lucky”, had the person filming the video not decided to ruin it, as usual, by singing along. Why do we go to shows? To hear the band, NOT YOU!!

    • Yeah god forbid people actually enjoying themselves at a concert. Just be thankful they actually filmed this.

      • I’m going to have to go with Sarai on this one. I don’t spend my hard-earned money just so I can hear some tone deaf fan scream the lyrics in my ear. I’m tired of people using the “god forbid people actually enjoying themselves at a concert” excuse as a means to justify rude and ignorant behavior. Once the band takes the stage, either sit there, stand there, dance, whatever, but keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed until the song is done. Maybe keep your hand clutched with iPhone down, too, so as not to block anyone’s view?

        • nice try Savages

        • This is a pretty ridiculous position to take. My favorite concerts are the ones where everyone is singing their heads off – it’s a communal experience to be enjoyed WITH the band. Imagine a show where it’s dead quiet save for post-song applause… boring. I think it’s “rude and ignorant” to expect everyone to be as lame as you want them to be. Stick with your Captain and Tenille cover concerts and leave the rock to those who want to rock. Also, from what I hear, bands prefer the singalongs too – it gives them great energy to feed off of.

          • You’re assuming all rock shows require crowd participation, when many are best experienced immersing yourself in the sound rather than becoming a part of it. Japandroids? Sing-a-long all you want (you can barely hear their vocals anyway.) Godspeed You Black Emperor? Xiu Xiu? Low? If you’re interrupting that with any sort of chatter or singing, find yourself the nearest exit.

        • This is a response to Michael’s second post – I don’t think that it’s relevant to bring in these other, very different bands. We’re talking about singing along, not ‘chatter,’ which was never mentioned above. I’m not defending the inconsiderate jerks who talk during entire concerts, and clearly you can’t sing along to Godspeed! since there are no lyrics. As for a band like Low? I don’t know. I saw Iron & Wine last year and no one was singing along because it’s just not that type of concert. Still though, when it comes to Wilco’s ‘rock songs’ – or any rock song for that matter (including covers of popular summer hits), which is the catalyst for this entire debate – I think it’s not only appropriate, but in most cases better when people sing along.

  3. People who enjoy themselves at concerts are the worst. Why can’t you just stand completely still with your arms crossed and mouth shut with an expression of condescension on your face for these plebes who probably didn’t even like the band until they were in that cell phone commercial/quirky workplace comedy/depressing indie dramedy.

  4. Here is a high quality band sanctioned download of the entire Wilco set so you can listen quietly/sing along loudly in your own home depending on how you like enjoy your music.

    Personally, I find that drunken chattering over the music about whatever nonsense is definitely annoying, singing along is totally fun when it’s that kind of show, but the phones up recording is pretty fucking annoying and can be really distracting. I’d guess 99% of those videos aren’t watched more than once.

  5. So, does the mustachioed roadie always play a percussive instrument on at least one song every show? Because when they covered Woodie Guthrie at Sasquatch, his cowbell playing was one of the most memorable moments of the show.

  6. Just had to add my 2 cents.

    I was there. Wilco was giving a gift to their fans. An all covers night – requests were made by fans on their website. John Hodgman playing host and goofing around and this was the last song of the “stump the band” segment.
    Get Lucky is a great summer hit, everbody was dancing and singing. It was part set-up, part joke because it is not typical Wilco fare, although they also had the singers from Lucius come on stage to sing Abba’s Waterloo. That should give you an idea of the spirit of the night….would not have missed it for the world….
    An iphone is a wonderful thing, but the microphone is not a studio device, it will make the voice of the iphone holder seem louder than other sources. The observation of fans ruining concerts by singing along might have some merit in some situations, so think of this clip as being taken at a party. A fantastic time was had by all. ps the guitar tech superstar is named Josh, he also played cowbell on “Don’t fear the Reaper”.

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