Daft Punk - "Get Lucky"

Daft Punk’s Pharrell/Nile Rodgers collab “Get Lucky” is a huge international smash and maybe the single of the year, and it’s also a rare example of lush, precise late-’70s disco done absolutely right. If any song was screaming out for an extended disco edit, it was this one. And now Daft Punk themselves have obliged, extending the song to double its length in a new world-eating 10-minute edit, the sort of thing that can make a trip to the grocery store infinitely more glamorous. The remix brings back more of the sci-fi synth-work and chopped-up robot vocals that made Daft Punk famous in the first place, but it mostly just works as a prolonging of the original track’s expensive-sounding bliss. If you’ve got Spotify, you can listen to the remix below. Also below, there’s a promo video for the remix.

A 12″ vinyl version of the remix is outu 7/16. Daft Punk’s great Random Access Memories is out now on Columbia.

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  1. It has never so pained me so to say….

    I think that was pretty underwhelming.

  2. Anyone can give a non-spotify link?
    Also, are they going to release of video for the song, or did I imagine that?

  3. when i heard they were going to do a remix project of their own work, i foolishly envisioned them working their stuff into house tracks, but alas we are probably going to get a bunch of extended re-edits :(

  4. It appears that this track is not available in any country south of the U.S. :(

  5. I was really hoping for an “Alive 2007″ redux version of Random Access Memories. That being said, after listening through the album at least ten times, I really really like it. I think that DP want us to realize that nothing will ever top “Alive” and “Discovery” when it comes to dance music, and to just let the good vibes come from the new record. That’s my take anyway.

  6. Instant Crush is hands down the best song of this quite mediocre album.

  7. idk. sounds like they’re still not there.

  8. Sigh, was hoping for more. By the way, if you haven’t already check out “So Much Love To Give” by Together (Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon) for some classic DP vibes

  9. Have we all realized that this is Niles Rogers Shiek Le Freak yet for cryin out loud?!!

    I think Daft Punk die hards are simply starting to have a pretty tough go of it in dealing with RAM and its insane popularity & I can so see why. I’ve seen their helmets throughout the past 2 months more than I’ve seen in the past 10 years, and everywhere from Rolling Stone interviews to Formula One pit crew appearances. I’ve seen (disturbing) helmet-less pictures of them and even gotten to understand them as, er, humans through articles, which is kinda weird and not much different than the sinking feeling I felt when Luke took off Vaders mask in 1982, but I digress. I’ve come to terms that this overexposure is just me getting friggin older, I think. I am not, nor ever really been a huge DP fan but I do respect their angle, love some of their music and happy to see my 14 year old starting to dig Discovery, etc. so it’s all neatly coming together for me, but, we must all just simply accept it…he album (and this song in particular) is officially bubblegum top 40 material.

    What needs to be translated here though, which I’m sure is pretty much a given on here anyway, is the way these guys took 70′s disco and mashed it into great, accessible 2013 pop candy which you have to respect, and they are so running with it now that they have that next level of popularity. Unless they’re gonna just go and drop in some doosh-dooshes and coke this thing up, there’s really not much else they can do with this track.

  10. This is just a DJ tool, that’s why it’s being released as a twelve inch and why it’s just different parts of the song rearranged and repeated over and over. The couple of times when the chords/melody are slightly different than the original make for nice changes, but they aren’t put together in a song-like structure. However, I can guarantee you that every DJ in the world is salivating at all the different ways they can blend this in with a thousand other songs.

  11. My new favorite song!

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