Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail

When you’re a gigantic stadium-headlining rap star — and when Samsung has already gone ahead and bought its subscribers a million copies of your new album — you apparently don’t have to spend too much time workshopping your album-cover designs. Those four letters you see above are the cover art for Magna Carta Holy Grail, the new Jay-Z album, which will go out free to Samsung Galaxy app-downloaders in two days.

And with the album’s release looming, Billboard reports that the Recording Industry Association of America has changed its rules. Now, an album no longer has to wait thirty days to go gold or platinum; certifications can now be awarded immediately. That means that, even though we haven’t heard anything of the album beyond TV-commercial audio clips and what’s been in our minds after reading the lyric sheets he’s been releasing online, Jay will probably go platinum immediately. (Billboard, however, won’t be counting the Samsung giveaway in its sales tally, which means that Magna Carta Holy Grail could well be the first Jay-Z solo album since 1997′s In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 that doesn’t debut at #1.)

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  1. This whole thing is kind of annoying to me. I can just imagine him name-checking Samsung on every other song.

  2. Again:

    EVERYBODY better pirate this album. He’s already been paid.

    Now TRY to enjoy your free album by somehow forgetting all of this ever happened.

  3. let’s all throw a hissy fit and pretend like we’re not going to illegally download this

  4. Come on, it’ll still debut at #1. A) there’s nothing else coming out and B) plenty of people don’t have a Samsung phone or tablet.

    The RIAA continue to show their ineptitude. So if an artist sells his/her album to a company who then gives it away for free it counts but if an artist sells their album through Amazon or iTunes for $1 it doesn’t count towards certification?

  5. I have a feeling this new Jay-Z is gonna sound like NWA album if they were sponsored by Banana Republic. I see it now….drinking games with be created around how many times he mentions Obama, Blue Ivy, Beyonce & The Nets throughout. Oh yeah, and you get the double bonus shot at the first drop that mentions Roc Nation Sports.

    • Obama dishin’ me assists/ Like I be Lopez he be D-Will
      Up in Cuba droppin’ shots / Me and Be our Spanish so ill

      Baby Blue rockin’ my jams / Er’ time Papa Carter come home
      You know I be callin’ on my Samsung / them haters hatin’ wit they iPhone

  6. When I first saw the commercial for this album my immediate reaction was, “Damn, that sounds like a pretty great Jay album.”
    Now that the initial excitement has worn off, and I’ve had to sit and contemplate the whole Samsung thing and how he’ll probably only rap about his current interests (kid, wife, president, basketball, being a mogul), I’m considerably less excited and really will only download the album because I’ll get it for free.

    I still feel like the production could be great though.

  7. “Billboard reports that the Recording Industry Association of America has changed its rules. Now, an album no longer has to sell 500,000 or a million copies, respectively, to go gold or platinum, and those certifications, which once had to go out at least 30 days after an album’s release, can now be awarded immediately.”

    Okay see the way you have phrased this make it seem like it’s worse than it is. Jay-Z didn’t make anyone change any rules here and the rules that were changed won’t really have that much of a music sales anyway (with the exception of in this particular case). Going Platinum has never meant selling 1 million copies to consumers, it only measured copies sent to retailers. So both before and after this rule change, Jay-Z would have technically already sold 1 million copies of his album to a retailer (in this case, Samsung) before the album’s release.

    Literally all that has changed is the 30 day classification (which was put in place to account for returns, something completely irrelevant for digital sales). Since they have deemed that 30 day waiting period irrelevant, Jay-Z can now say he went platinum the day his album came out instead of having to wait a month. Make sense? It really effectively changes nothing..

  8. It’s funny how the rappers who’ve aged best in my opinion (Scarface, DJ Quik, Big Boi, E-40) are always the sort of underrated and bitter guys, while dudes like Jay-Z or Snoop who were always talking about how successful they are have fallen off pretty hard.

  9. I seriously cannot wait to hear this album!

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