Electronic Anthology Project and Death Cab For Cutie

You may have heard of The Electronic Anthology Project last year when Brett Nelson (of Built To Spill) used his electronic side-project to reimagine Dinosaur Jr. as gorgeous synth pop. Now he’s done the same to Death Cab For Cutie. This might seem like a less strange pairing considering Gibbard is one half of the recently reunited The Postal Service, and Gibbard’s newly recorded vocals sound right at home with Nelson’s smeared synths. The single featuring “Champagne From A Paper Cup” from Something About Airplanes and “Soul Meets Body,” from Plans is out today digitally and as a 7-inch vinyl in August. You can listen to the “Champagne” here, and “Soul” here, and finally, you can preorder the vinyl over at See Of Sound. So give them a listen, check out our Countdown of DCFC albums from worst to best, and let us know in the comments what you’re hoping Nelson tackles next – I feel like the National could get this treatment with some fantastic results.

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  1. The Electronic Anthology Project is Brett Nelson, not Brett Netson. Nelson is the former bassist of Built to Spill and leader of old Boise bands Butterfly Train and Suffocation Keep. He currently plays with Sleepy Seeds, too. Netson is still in Built to Spill and was in Caustic Resin. Common mistake… Brett Nelson had a demo circulating under the name “Not Netson” in the late 90′s.

  2. Brett Nelson’s versions gave me a new appreciation for these DCFC songs. Ben Gibbard has always been kind of hit-and-miss for me, and both of these songs were in the “miss” category. But hearing Brett’s synth recreations caused me to go back and listen to the originals, and sparked a kind of personal Death Cab renaissance for me… Down the road I would love to hear an EAP of Sebadoh and Modest Mouse, or some other old school Boise bands like Caustic Resin, Butterfly Train, or Farm Days.

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