At Glastonbury this past week, Azealia Banks premiered “ATM Jam,” a collaboration with Pharrell that is a bit of a departure from her usual dance music-gleaned output. Granted, she’d already shed her house-adoring skin with the bombastic “Yung Rupunxel” but this is her first truly radio-friendly cut that has a lot of BBQ soundtrack potential. This essentially means that we should just start calling the current season we’re in Summer 2013 Featuring Pharrell. You guys named “Get Lucky” your song of the summer and voted Robin Thicke’s Pharrell-featuring cut “Blurred Lines” into third place. At this point, Skateboard P’s voice is going to be looming over us all until October’s chill sets in. Check out “ATM Jam” below.

Broke With Expensive Taste is slated for release this year on Universal.

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  1. I’ll admit she can rap, but I don’t really care for her lyrics and her music doesn’t appeal to me in the least bit. Other than 212 I really don’t know what people see in her.

    • Azealia’s music….1991, Runnin, Jumanji, BBD, Fantasea, Luxury, Us, and Valerie, ect, ect, ect…..
      If all you know is 212…but you never heard her ( brilliant, masterpiece ) mixtape….than you wouldn’t know the first thing about this young legend. I’m tired of ppl talking about 212….listen to all of Azealia’s music and you will see why Azealia is hands down the best female rapper in a decade of female rap music.
      You don’t know what ppl “see in her”…because you are fully ignorant of her amazing talents & incredible music. So basically…you know nothing about her. Watch Azealia flow, rap & spit through 20 songs like a pro at her Glastonbury show…or listen to her brilliant mixtape.
      Don’t even speak on Azealia if you are that stupid.
      Recognize who is the new Queen of Rap…Miss Banks. Period.

      • Calm down, this is why I can’t stand STANS.

        Noah said she doesn’t appeal to him and you should have respected that instead of calling him stupid, ignorant and technically belittling him. I rep for AB but I have enough sense to know she isn’t going to reach everyone because some of her stuff is extremely linear. And unlike AB I respect others. And as much as I love her, she is no Queen, she is still in the running.

      • What about my comment makes it seem like I’ve never listened to her other stuff? Obviously I “know” more than 212 otherwise I couldn’t say that I don’t like the stuff other than 212.
        I’m all for defending an artist you admire, but you didn’t really do much to make me want to reconsider my position.

        Also, Best female rapper in a decade? I admit she can rap, but that’s quite a stretch for someone who doesn’t even have a proper album out.

        • Like it or not, Nicki Minaj is the female rapper of the decade. Not only is she good with words, she also ACTUALLY RELEASES RECORDS.

      • lol. Good argument Nicole. Well done.

        Oh, also, this song is a snoozer like everything else this Lil Kim re-spawn has released.

  2. Holy shit Pharell, add in feds watching and some of those Despicable Me songs and youd have a bonified summer playlist. Not to mention his reported feature on Jay-Z’s new album which im going to assume is amazing.

  3. Another in a long series of flopping Azealia singles. Why do the stereogums and pitchforks of the world feel obligated to cover her?

  4. Is that Vincent Price’s “Thriller” laugh? Well played, Pharrell.

    Azealia, it’s truly amazing how far your star has fallen since “212.” Top of the NME’s cool list, glowing writeup after glowing writeup, and Pitchfork in such a frenzy that I doubt they even remember giving “NEEDSUMLUV” Best New Track. Now look at you…look like a broke-ass mermaid. Also, I don’t know if you realized how critical it was that you release Broke with Expensive Taste back in Fall 2012. Between all of the delays, lackluster singles, and unreasonable beefs, no one cares anymore.

  5. I have no problem with Pharrell dominating the summer.

  6. Angel Haze is growing on me. She’s got some range, what with the Cat Power collab, and her decidedly dark, but listenable “Initiation.” Ever since AB rapped over Harlem Shake, she lost me.

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