Jason Everman played second guitar in Nirvana and bass in Soundgarden, and he somehow managed to get kicked out of both bands just before either one hit huge. Then, a little while after those two big blows, he signed on with the Army, served a couple of tours of duty, became a Special Forces soldier, fought in Afghanistan and Iraq (as well as all sorts of covert operations he won’t really talk about), and earned himself some medals. Then he got himself an undergrad degree in philosophy from Columbia. I can’t imagine too many people have had lives more absurd and fascinating than this guy, and I was barely aware of his existence until now. Writer (and Chavez guitarist) Clay Tarver wrote a huge and endlessly compelling profile of the reticent Everman for The New York Times, and you should absolutely read it. It’s here.

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  1. Just wanted to pile on that this really is a super interesting piece. Great read!

  2. yeah, it’s funny, he got kicked out of nirvana for being too metal and kicked out of soundgarden for being too punk rock-y. he got crushed by two tons of irony.

  3. Makes me really dislike Cobain for bragging about not paying him back for “Bleach”. Poor guy.

    • No, Cobain was just being funny, because Everman did get credited on Bleach (even though he didn’t actually play a note on it,) and he got royalties on 2 million sales which was far more than the $600.

  4. this was a fantastic read.

  5. That one album he did with Mindfunk was pretty amazing too

  6. *covert operations (4th line)

  7. “Oh! Great warrior? Wars not make one great!” ― Yoda

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