Sam Coomes used to be Elliott Smith’s bandmate in Heatmiser. Janet Weiss is arguably the world’s greatest drummer; she’s been in Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, Stephen Malkmus’s Jicks, and a heap of other bands. Coomes and Weiss were briefly married to each other, and they’ve spent nearly 20 years in a different sort of partnership, making up the two halves of the intermittently active, endlessly sharp indie rock duo Quasi. This fall, the duo will release Mole City, a massive 24-song double-album. Its first single is called “You Can Stay But You Got To Go,” and it’s a fuzzy unraveling sweater of a song, one that perpetually seems like it’s about to fall apart. Download it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “*”
02 “You Can Stay But You Got To Go”
03 “See You On Mars”
04 “Blasted”
05 “Chrome Duck”
06 “Chumps Of Chance”
07 “Fat Fanny Land”
08 “Nostalgia Kills”
09 “R.I.P.”
10 “Headshrinker”
11 “Bedbug Town”
12 “The Goat”
13 “Geraldine”
14 “Loopy”
15 “Double Deuce”
16 “Gnot”
17 “Dust Of The Sun”
18 “Mole City”
19 “An Ice Cube In The Sun”
20 “One And Done”
21 “The Dying Man”
22 “Clap Trap”
23 “New Western Way”
24 “Beyond The Return Of The Sun Of Nowhere”
(via Pitchfork)

Mole City is out 10/1 on Kill Rock Stars. Here’s hoping “R.I.P.” is a Young Jeezy cover.

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  1. Interesting thought re: the Young Jeezy cover, but I’m hoping “The Goat” is an Adam Sandler cover, because not enough veteran indie rock acts are offering fresh takes on interminably long sketches from mid-90s comedy albums these days.

  2. Bad news: “R.I.P.” is actually a cover of the Migos song.

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