Kanye West - "Black Skinhead" Video

UPDATE: Kanye West has taken to Twitter to confirm that below is not the official video for “Black Skinhead.” The final version should be released soon.

While Jay-Z was busy chatting with all his friends on Twitter, Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” seems to have mysteriously popped up on the Internet. I saw this RT’d by a Knicks blogger that I follow and was uncertain whether this was the real deal or not because it has seriously just materialized out of the ether. The black hoods and snarling dogs imagery were part of West’s performance at Governors Ball, but there’s something about that animated Kanye, trudging around like he’s leading a hardcore band, that doesn’t sit right with me. It looks extremely expensive and yet sorta-kinda really cheesy. Have we been “Get Lucky”ed? Were we not supposed to see this yet? At the Yeezus listening, he told us he didn’t like the idea of having his videos associated with other artist’s videos, so perhaps this is why he chose this odd method to unleash the clip. You can check out it out, real or not, below.

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  1. that video sucked

    • I think this is the video of the yeezus.

    • Corky Anderson | Posted at 1:54pm 0

      Kanye Vs. Beatles:

      I am a god
      So hurry up with my damn massage
      In a French-ass restaurant
      Hurry up with my damn croissants
      I am a god
      I am a god
      I am a god


      Picture yourself in a boat on a river
      With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
      Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
      A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

      Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
      Towering over your head
      Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
      And she’s gone

      Lucy in the sky with diamonds
      Lucy in the sky with diamonds
      Lucy in the sky with diamonds

      Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain
      Where rocking horse people eat marshmellow pies
      Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers
      That grow so incredibly high

      Newpaper taxis appear on the shore
      Waiting to take you away
      Climb in the back with your head in the clouds
      And you’re gone

      Lucy in the sky with diamonds
      Lucy in the sky with diamonds
      Lucy in the sky with diamonds

      Picture yourself on a train in a station
      With plasticine porters with looking glass ties
      Suddenly someone is there at the turnstyle
      The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes

      The Beatles wrote all of their own songs, had one producer, one engineer, could actually play instruments and sing ( well). The Kanye Kool-Aid is an affront to the treasure trove of great musical legacy from America and in general. That the Stereogum boards lit up like dim lightbulbs praising Kanye’s sub-par Death Grips tribute make me puke many shades of disgust.
      That is all.

  2. Awful.

    If you bailed one minute in you didn’t miss anything.

  3. love the song but I am trying really hard to not laugh at this video
    he’s shaking like parkinsons

  4. Hahahaha there’s no way this is real. Looks like something out of Guitar Hero: Kanye West Edition.

  5. I’m having a hard time believing this is real. This seems like something some pasty faced dork could make in his parents basement in a few hours.

    • You know what, I’m already gonna take that back. I don’t know what I was thinking, this is Kanye we’re talking about. Of course this is his music video.

  6. Oy – Steve Jobs of Shitty CGI, what the hell is this?

  7. I don’t remember this episode of ReBoot.

  8. I actually think this kind of suits the entire theme/vision for this album. The whole primal/minimalist almost bare bones effect of the music made in to video form. There are like flashes in this video (very hard to even catch) of kanye that look almost life like. Even some of the art I’ve seen associated with this album done by Nick Knight is resemblant of this. Also, remember the art inside Watch The Throne? The very almost bad photoshop but still really fucking cool looking pictures of Jay and Kanye? This reminds me of that a lot. This song is fucking amazing, as is the album and i think this video could have been a lot better, but i still think it might be legit. Seems like some sort of warped vision kanye might have had for this video.

  9. No way that’s even finished. It’s like they released the story boards for the video, or one of those computer blooper reels you see on Pixar DVDs of coding errors.

  10. I think its pretty obvious Kanye made a video with him doing this in person but he’s probably decided his body didn’t look good enough or something so he decided to CGI himself up a six pack.

  11. Snubbed by time, Kanye’s trying to get retroactively nominated for a VMA in 1997.

  12. Somehow I don’t think the official video will be as good as the leaked one. Yeah, it’ll be more polished, but it still will be an awful idea. It’ll just be a less funny one now because you won’t have this level of graphics to counterpoint how seriously it will manage to take itself. Perhaps, Kanye should computer generate all of his public appearances from now on for this very reason.

  13. his twit suck.

  14. My favorite Black skinhead is Milky

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