Dads - Invisible Blouse video

Dads is a Florida band that includes members of Merchandise. The group’s self-recorded LP Brown on Brown, captured live in a garage, is being reissued at some point by Wharf Cat, a label also home to Great Valley, Blanche Blanche Blanche, and others. In advance of that, the label also released a 7-inch of the first single “Invisible Blouse” and appropriately, Zach Phillips from Blanche Blanche Blanche (“OSR Productions”) made this video for it too. The visuals are intriguing in a bizarre way. The main shot is a cow sitting in a field; a split screen in the corner simultaneously shows grainy footage of the band playing “Live At Club Fuck.” Or something like that.

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  1. They need a new name. Dads from NJ are a great and very established band (whose new song debuted on AV Club) and I would hate for them to get confused with these guys.

    • Agreed. I was at first excited to see the NJ Dads being covered on Stereogum, so I’ll admit I was disappointed to see these guys were different. Still, they’re not bad though

  2. ummm whatev- I don’t know when NJ Dads formed but recently I started seeing kids wearing Dads t shirts and was at first jealous because i thought it was a shirt for FL Dads. Dads Fl’s first 7″ Hat Creek which totally rules really fucking hard came out in 2010 so….yea- there are multiple bands called X.

  3. THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME. btw I am stoked to see stereogum cover THIS bands called Dads.

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