Okkervil River

The Austin-based literate-rock band Okkervil River returns in a couple of months with their new album The Silver Gymnasium. There’s a conceptual hook: It’s an exploration of Meridian, New Hampshire, the town where frontman Will Sheff lived as a kid. And we’ve already posted a couple of tracks: First single “It Was My Season” and instrumental track “Lido Pier Suicide Car.” Another of the album’s tracks is “Down Down The Deep River,” six and a half minutes of understated chug and lost childhood. Listen to it at NPR.

The Silver Gymnasium is out 9/3 on ATO.

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  1. Super glad to hear a new Okkervil River album is in the works. Very underrated band.

  2. Damn good! Found myself unintentionally bopping my head about 3 minutes in. Only complaint would be the off-key falsetto backing chorus. So excited for the new album.

  3. I would probably consider transferring schools if Will Sheff just caved in and finally accepted a tenured position as professor of Rock And Roll As Literature.

  4. Literate-rock/literary-rock is pretty much the worst genre tag ever, second only to “indie.” All it means is that they read books and write songs with narratives and themes in them, which could be applied to pretty much every band ever. Will Sheff is a super smart guy and great writer, though, and I do love Okkervil River’s music and Will Schaff’s album art. I’m hearing a bit of influence from Sheff’s solo project Lovestreams in this, anyone else?

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