Pearl Jam Live At Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario

Just last week we got the details of Pearl Jam’s next album, Lightning Bolt, as well as a spin of its first single, “Mind Your Manners.” The band doesn’t kick off their North American tour till October, but last night they played Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, where they live-premiered “Mind Your Manners.” They rock it out pretty well; in this roughed-up context, it actually reminds me a lot of “Go,” the lead single from the band’s sophomore album, 1993′s Vs. — an association I didn’t make when hearing the studio version. We’ve got video of the performance below. Give it a look.

The band plays Wrigley Field in Chicago this Saturday, and hits the road for real in October. Tour dates here. Last night’s setlist below via CoS. Not their greatest ever, but not bad.

Pearl Jam at Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario, 7/16/13 setlist:

“Present Tense”
“Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In A Small Town”
“London Calling” (Clash cover) / “Corduroy”
“Mind Your Manners” (live debut)
“Got Some”
“Given To Fly”
“Even Flow”
“I Got Id”
“In Hiding”
“Modern Girl” (Sleater-Kinney cover) / “Not For You”

Encore 1:

“Last Exit Last Kiss” (Wayne Cochran cover)
“Man Of The Hour”
“Just Breathe”
“Unthought Known”
“Do The Evolution”

Encore 2:

“Brain of J.”
“Better Man”
“Rockin’ In The Free World” (Neil Young cover)

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  1. this unsurprisingly sounds incredible live

  2. Nice! He’s doing the “crazy eyes” on that, as he should. I think he’s sort of channeling the character he sort of inhabits in Do the Evolution.

  3. Totally dope they opened with “Present Tense”. No Code is awesome.

  4. This sounds great live, definitely agree with the “Go” comment.

    And it’d be “Not For You” / “Modern Girl” but whatever ;)

  5. Pearl Jam is a LIVE rock band. They just can’t do any wrong once they hit the stage, no matter what critics say about their studio releases.

    • I listened to the last album off and on for two years in my car. It was a great listen, turned up loud, driving down the coast with the windows open. In general I think their albums get disproportionately maligned because every critic compares them to Ten and Vs. I’m not sure they’ve ever made a BAD album, just a couple that aren’t really great.

  6. Yeah, I agree with the ‘Go’ comparison also – kind of a cross of that and ‘Spin the Black Circle’ (which is what most people hear immediately).

    Only Pearl Jam could play 29 songs, start with ‘Present Tense’, end with ‘Better Man’ and ‘Alive’ before ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ and ‘Indifference’ after (trust me, that four song string at the end of a show is not usual) and have the setlist questioned. Speaks volumes in regards to just how strong their catalog really is.

    • Totally sounds like “Go” live, but just as so many have likely pointed out, it truly sounds in the studio like a cousin to “Spin the Black Circle.”

      They seem to end evenings with “Indifference” a good amount, no? I feel like when I saw them last, that’s how they wrapped things up.

      Love the crowd’s response to the new song. DAYUM, they have some seriously loyal fans. Vocal too.

      • ‘Indifference’ used to be an occasional encore (or second encore) song, and it was after ‘RITFW’ a few times as well. ‘Alive’ was also before ‘RITFW’ a few times. But those four songs in a row as the finale, ‘Better Man’, ‘Alive’, ‘RITFW’ and ‘Indifference’, I don’t recall ever seeing/hearing before. ‘Better Man’ just keeps moving farther into the show.

  7. Look at that second encore. Solid.

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