Bands release concert films all the time, but trust me, when I say that Metallica have something very different and very bizarre planned with their new movie. Yesterday at Comic-Con, where Metallica held a panel, attendees got to see a new trailer of Metallica: Through The Never which definitely puts a twist on the standard concert film. Intercut with live footage of the band, the film follows the journey of a delivery boy, played by Dane Dehaan (who has recently been cast as Harry Osborn in the next Spider-Man) working at the venue who gets thrown into the middle of a battle between rioters and police while out on a delivery. The trailer shows off massive stage set-pieces while the band plays in Vancouver, as well as big action sequences as Dehaan’s character moves through the mayhem in the city. While many people might not have any interest in seeing a Metallica concert film (though they are a great live band) it seems hard to say no to this many explosions, guys on horses with gas masks, guitar solos with lightning strikes, and so on. Watch below.

Metallica: Through The Never is out 10/4 in wide release.

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  1. Yes please.

  2. i really haven’t bothered to give two shits about anything metallica has done in the past 20 years, but holy shit, i think i want to see this

  3. It’s like my brain will be in IMAX 3-D for everyone to gaze at in awe.

  4. I dunno. It seems like either the movie is getting in the way of the concert footage or the concert footage is getting in the way of the movie.

  5. “Lighting strikes” or “lightning strikes”?

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