Kanye West - "Black Skinhead" Video

When an early version of Kanye West’s video for the Yeezus banger “Black Skinhead” leaked online, Kanye was not happy about it. But that early video didn’t exactly give a misleading impression; the real “Black Skinhead” video, which went online at midnight last night, is exactly as silly as that early leak implies, though it’s also weirdly impressive. In the Nick Knight-directed video, a suspiciously diesel CGI Kanye, who occasionally morphs into a distorted spiky-faced demon thing, co-stars with a bunch of dogs. It’s dark and intense, but it also looks something like a video game from 15 or 20 years ago. The video is interactive, but the interactivity is limited to slowing the clip way down and taking Instagram screen-shots. Watch it at Kanye’s website, or a non-interactive version below.

Yeezus is out now on Def Jam, and it is great.

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  1. Suspiciously diesel CGI Kanye is right. It reminds me of when you were a kid and you’d have the create-a-wrestler option in WWE video games, and your friend who was a bit soft in the middle would choose the muscle-bound body template while yours was a more realistic skinny dude.

    Unless you’re going to get Pixar or someone to direct your CGI video, I don’t think there’s a way to make these videos not look like something dated or manufactured for an Xbox.

  2. The interactivity here blew my mind…. I think Kanye wasted all his “interactivity” talking with the press and punching paparazzis. The song, as his new album, is still awesome and doesn’t need this crappy video..

  3. Isn’t supplementing the video with instagram, a subsidiary of the Facebook corporation, kind of contradictory to the song’s message?

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  5. My favorite interactive part is when I hit Alt + F4 and the video finally becomes bearable.

  6. Is it just me or is that live audio? Or audio from the SNL performance?

  7. Yeezus is an OK album. I know I’m much too late the conversation, it just blows my mind that it seems like everyone literally seems to love or hate this album. I get the hate, it’s not easy and it’s not everyone’s style. I have conversations convincing people it’s not terrible, but then it seems like everybody else thinks this is a 9/10,5 star, ground breaking masterpiece. It has good moments and it makes admirable attempts at certain things musically and message wise, but he fails on so many levels in both of those areas I just don’t get why there isn’t more of a 3-3.5 star consensus about this album, a good relatively interesting album that did not achieve much of what it set out to do.

    • You make a great point.

      I think because of the late leak, when it finally came out, excitement was at a fever pitch.

      Now that I’ve had time to digest it, I feel I’ve gained a better perspective and fall in line with your 3-3.5 star consensus.

      First off, I think “On Sight” into “Black Skinhead” is one of my favorite 1-2 punches since “Lisztomania” & “1901″. Cray Cray, I know, but I’ll be damned if I don’t have both of those songs lyrics memorized after having the album for just one month.

      Because of that, I feel it starts dropping off after those two tracks. Not instantly, as I think the first five tracks are the strongest on the album (aside from “Bound 2″ closing it down) and I think it’s the back half where this album falls from “masterpiece” status.

      I think that since he cranked “Yeezus” out so quickly, its staying power will be a lot shorter. I strongly feel this album has parallels to “808s & Heartbreak” in that its definitely good, but overall spotty and with some noticeable flaws. Yet of course, some pretty stellar highs.

      Then of course there’s the whole world we live in that included Run The Jewels and seeing El-P & Killer Mike DESTROY show after show after show, and I can’t help but throw “Yeezus” in the backseat and keep on running.

      • Im gonna disagree and say that after a month of listening (I got over 70 plays on my itunes) that I strongly believe this album is a solid 4.5/5. Tracks 1-7 are all absolutely perfect. I honestly don’t remember the last album I heard that was that solid for a duration of seven tracks. There is literally nothing wrong with them. Then comes Guilt Trip and Send it Up, which are good, not great, Kanye songs. But for anyone else, they would be above par. Then he ends with Bound 2 which once again is pretty perfect. Im not gonna lie this very well may end up being my favorite Kanye album.

        • Pretty much agree with this. ‘Hold My Liquor’ and ‘I’m in It’ have been the two big grower tracks for me. ‘Guilt Trip’ feels unfinished. I kind of wish Kid Cudi only came in for a bit and then there was another verse, maybe even a Pusha T verse or something. ‘Send it Up’ has grown on me a lot as well but the Beenie-Man outro just doesn’t do it for me.

      • I think the first four songs are brilliant and exactly what Kanye tried to achieve with this album: a dark, innovative and highly egocentric ride. At this point Yeezus is a true masterpiece, up there with the best moments of CD and MDBTF.

        Hold My Liquor is also brilliant, but the latter half of the album is, while overall good, also clearly flawed. I’m In It and Guilt Trip are both rather bland, and even Blood on the Leaves can’t keep my attention throughout the whole song. Lyrically, I still have a problem with the album, but then again, that is a deliberate move from Kanye,

        All in all; a really good album, but no true classic. Potentially a top 10 by the end of the year, and seeing as he has already made 6 (7 with WTT) good albums (including two masterpieces), I am not complaining

  8. Stereogum totally needs to disable the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down feature.

  9. f*cking bad *ss!

    new fav record

    kanye’s too cool for school

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