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Jimmy Eat World, a band that holds a pretty dear place in my heart, has recently been covering Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” during their live shows and performed a studio version as web-only bonus after a recent Conan appearance. I am one of the few (only?) Taylor Swift dissenters on Stereogum staff, so when her original came out, it only registered to me as one of those songs that just unrelentingly stitches itself to your brain, not as the kiss-off track of the year. This is the kind of crossbreeding that would drive certain people up the wall, but I know the band well enough to know that they would tone this down from triumph into something warm. Where Swift was employing anthemic vocals on the hook, Jim Adkins sings them heartbreak calm, which is its own kind of confidence, one in line with Jimmy Eat World’s aural aesthetic which they utilize throughout the cover. Bonus points for nonchalantly singing, “And you would hide away / and find your peace of mind / with some indie record / that’s much cooler than mine,” especially when you’re a band who has catapulted away from their humble, alt beginnings. Check it out below. It’s beautiful.

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  1. A brief history of Jimmy Eat World and Taylor Swift’s pay-it-forward love affair with each other that predated the culmination of this:

    - Jim joins Taylor on stage back in ’11 to sing “The Middle” with her during her stop in Arizona.
    - T. Swift dons J.E.W. lyrics on her arm at her show:

    - Red came out last autumn, and everyone realized it was the best Jimmy Eat World album in quite some time

    So year, this was expected and I’m glad it did.

  2. I love me some Jimmy Eat World, both the old stuff and more recent output, so I’m afraid to see what comments this shall bring forth.

    Also, bonus points deducted, Claire… as Jim changes the line you quote here, omitting the ‘indie” reference.

  3. This is all sorts of wonderful. I’m going to listen to it all night.

  4. Note during the performance they actually changed the line mentioned above and sang it as: “you can go away and hide with some record much much cooler than mine”

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