Last week, a new Lana Del Rey track called “Black Beauty” leaked — and has since been removed — but even more unauthorized material has surfaced. According to CoS, another cut called “So Legit” was also floating around and it’s brimming with blatant vitriol for Stefani Germanotta, bka Lady Gaga. The song includes lyrics like, “Stefani, you suck / I know you’re selling twenty million / wish they could have seen you / when we booed you off in Williamsburg.” If you listen to the quality of the song, which has been archived here, it seems pretty clear that this is probably not a demo intended for a future studio track, but probably private material Del Rey had no intention to be consumed publicly. While there isn’t much information about a pre-fame friendship, both are the same age group and attended college in New York City (Gaga, NYU; Del Rey, Fordham). Gaga has yet to comment, but her fans the Little Monsters — not to be confused with Videogum’s Monsters commentariat — have gone totally wild on Del Rey’s Facebook and Twitter. Check out the audio and full lyrics below.

You were the freak king of the piercing shop
All the girls thought they could sing, but they’re really not shit
I don’t get it
You’re looking like a man, you’re talking like a baby
How the fuck is your song in a Coke commercial, crazy?
I don’t get it
Your taste once exquisite
What happened to Brooklyn, what happened to New York?
What happened to my scene, what happened to punk rock, rock?
You called me the queen of the downtown scene, babe
How the fuck would you go switch it up and then replace me?
I don’t get it, I’m so legit
Tell me, was it ’cause I wasn’t platinum in jewels?
That perhaps you thought I was a little bit even uncool
Kid, was that it?
Stefani, you suck, I know you’re selling twenty million
Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg
You’re hurt, I know my words don’t hurt, yeah
Oh, girl, I see you walking ’round in your pearls
Thinking that you’re number one
You’re so funny, ’cause honey, you’re not
What happened to Brooklyn, the last frontier?
They said you could make it anywhere if you can make it here
But where, no magic in the air
What happened to Brooklyn, what happened to our scene, baby?
Have we all gone Gaga crazy?
Remember when the streets used to be dangerous and we were born bad
And we were born bad?
Punk rock, punk rock
The boys used to punch each other in the face and girls were walking around wasted
And everyone had a good night, come back in sunlight
Punk rock, rock, rock

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  1. Yikes. Sounds like the pained spiral-bound confessions of a spurned undergraduate.


    Seriously, I know this (allegedly) wasn’t made for public listening – though you could argue that this is just another marketing tactic – but it really sounds like she’s being petty and jealous that she’s not as famous as Gaga, who she probably knew OF but didn’t actually know. I can’t stand this entitled wreck – her entire image seems manufactured and privileged. Also, apparently Brooklyn, specifically punk rock in Brooklyn, was her “scene.” SURE IT WAS.

  3. This like the equivalent of Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown beefing years past Bad Boys prime.

  4. Lana Del Rey acts as if she has not changed at all since living in New York. Not like she changed her name, got plastic surgery and hired an expensive everything to tailor her image….
    It’s sad

  5. Oh the pain! The pain of it all!

  6. Lana clearly didn’t hear that there’s nothing cool about name-dropping Brooklyn anymore. Unless you’re talking about pre-1898 Brooklyn, which was way legit.

    • What!? I wuz just gonna do a track “Brooknaw for the Hood, Yaw.” Drop ish like “Williamsburg is Illiamsburg” and “I’m gonna light you up like a wick… a Bushwick!”

      Not gonna climb the charts youdon’tthink? Rocafeller and Ruff Ryders still drop team albums rite?

      • It sounds promising, but make sure to populate your rhymes with early-1890s signifiers like “BK just annexed the hamlet of Bushwick, bitch,” or “Brooklyn’s the realest, fuck NYC and their higher percentage of Southern and Eastern European immigrants,” or “From the Brooklyn streets like my man Walt Whitman RIP.” That’s some #1 stunna shit right there.

  7. This is a big misunderstanding. Obviously geared at B.A.N.A.N.A.S. era gwen stefani.

  8. They should just make out and put all this hate behind them…on recorded HD format, of course.

  9. Shades of Amanda Bynes.

    I have a hard time reconciling the LDR who makes aesthetically-unimpeachable classic songs like Video Games, Blue Jeans, Kinda Outta Luck, Ride, and Summer Wine, with the LDR who makes super-tacky songs like all her other songs and makes moves like this Gaga diss.

    It feels like she’s schizophrenic or has a very confused team of different managers or something.

  10. Im sure that Gaga concert where she was booed off was still a performance MILES ahead of your SNL debut.

    • Yeaa wait a second, Lana was in Williamsberg taking notes on how to exploit hipster culture when Lady Gaga was booed, BUTT everybody was there when she was a disaster at 30 rockefeller center that night….

  11. Yea i mean Im pretty sure you could stack any one of Gaga’s performances against any one of Lana’s and it would come out on top. The woman gets no respect.

    • Which would? Who doesn’t?

      If you’re referring to Gaga, that woman gets way more credit than she deserves. I’m not a huge LDR fan either but all Gaga does is regurgitate pop culture references from the past 20 years and try to claim credit for it. She’s a wannabe Modonna except Madonna actually had the vision to start trends and push boundaries in an original and captivating way. Gaga relies on easy shock value and hypocritical BS. If she wasn’t wearing steaks, she’d be considered another cookie cutter pop singer (but happens to play more piano). Anytime people refer to how “arty” she is, they’re just fools falling for the cheap blood and flames gimmicks. Surface over substance.

      • If all you know about Lady Gaga is that she wore meat one time than you dont really know much at all.

        • True. Especially since I ate that outfit a few moments after it was on her skin. Succulent skin, ah so succulent at one point I did mistake a fingie for a carrot.

        • Okay, I’m not really sure if it’s worth arguing you seeing as, given your profile picture, you’re clearly an avid Gaga fan. But here goes:

          There is one thing that makes Gaga important: she speaks to alienated kids, especially those in the LGBT community. This is really good! Especially if you consider the wave of suicides in gay youth a few years ago, it’s very, very admirable that Gaga is speaking to this crowd of kids. And furthermore, one could even credit her with sparking a wave of fellow pop stars nodding to this movement, (Kesha’s “We R Who We R”, Katy Perry’s “Firework”, Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”, etc.) and that’s awesome.

          But what people refuse to acknowledge is her music and image is not innovative or unique in the slightest. There is nothing she’s done that hasn’t already been done by the likes of Madonna, Björk, David Bowie, and the like. Absolutely everything she does is incredibly derivative. Even the chorus of “Born This Way” BLATANTLY COPS the chorus from Madonna’s “Express Yourself”, and frankly, that’s an embarrassment. The fact that she had the nerve to go on and claim Madonna approved this only makes it more disgusting.

          Then there’s the fact that that same album is, for the most part, painful, overproduced, standard pop trash. There’s the incessant “It’s okay to be who you are” songs, which would be FINE if they were unique, but just a look at a few of them — “Born This Way”, “Bad Kids”, “Hair” — basically proves she has nothing new to say. Seriously, is “I am my hair” a new statement in any way? Didn’t think so.

          And the fact that not just she, but fellow musicians as well, felt the need to hype this album so hyperbolically in the months prior to its release only made it more of a shockingly incompetent clunker. She set it up to be her Like a Prayer, Purple Rain, or Thriller, and we got tracks like “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)”, which, if I’m not mistaken, is about motorcycle-unicorn hybrids which fall in love after the apocalypse. Brilliant.

          And now she’s doing it again! The manifesto she released to announce Artpop, is, at best, an honest but failed attempt at relevance, and at worst is a masturbatory and disturbing confirmation of her total loss of perspective with where she truly stands in the pop music world. An app album? Wow, sounds like something Björk did JUST TWO YEARS AGO. How am i supposed to believe this album is “Altering the human experience”, and what the hell is a “reverse Warholian expedition”?

          I would literally be fine and maybe even like Gaga if it wasn’t for her nonstop posturing as some sort of brilliant artist, but the relentless pretentiousness with zero substance to back up her dramatic, over-the-top stances are cringeworthy at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if Artpop is ultimately what drags her into total irrelevancy, but I’ll admit we will have to wait and see, even if I’m not holding my breath.

          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • Hmm, it’s incredibly petty of you to go the route of personal attack instead of actually looking at my argument, but your post is so inane that I feel like responding anyways:

            “You have lots of knowledge of GaGa and know that her ideas aren’t original but some are which you do not see.”

            Interesting that you’d say this and then go on to admit that her ideas aren’t original and are going to be “re-introduced”.

            “also, i have respect for her image because she doesn’t try to please people like you.”

            Pretty sure I’m right in her target demographic — gay teenagers who like pop music — but thanks for letting me know that I’m apparently not.

            ” in fact it shows that none of you know anything about fashion even if it hit you in the face.”

            Did I ever claim to know anything about fashion? I was clearly attacking her music, which you seem to be failing to defend.

            ” in fact it shows that none of you know anything about fashion even if it hit you in the face.”

            Well, I fell head over heels for “Bad Romance” back in the day. It’s just a solid pop song. I wanted her to succeed ever since, but ever since “Born This Way” I started to lose more and more hope as time passed and her Artpop manifesto proved to me that it’s time to give up.

            ” i don’t understand why and i would also like to see you write a better album.”

            Not only am I not a musician, but I don’t claim that any music i would make would result in dramatic, world altering reactions. Not relevant.

            “each artist has a theme or themes they like to follow for each album and born this way was about being who you truly are. so yes there would be a couple of songs with the same message.That’s just stating the fucking obvious.”

            It’s one thing to write songs with similar themes and messages, and its another to write songs which are all rehashes of one another.

            “For everyone that discredits her i have no respect for them because they have no knowledge of what she does, who she meets (tony bennett, elton john,cher, etc…, and what she is awarded for.that is just overlooking things because you don’t want to accept ANY truth nor have the desire to look for any”

            Wait a second, didn’t you just say that I “have lots of knowledge of GaGa” and that “if [you] spent as much time as [i] clearly have trying to figure out GaGa [you] would have no life”? Very interesting. And how is who she meets relevant in any way? Mariah Carey met Muammar Ghadaffi and performed a private concert for his family, does that mean he wasn’t a ruthless dictator?

            Again, you failed to acknowledge any of the points of my argument and furthermore resorted to inane moot points to back yourself up. So I’m just going to assume this is because you had no actual argument to make and there is some validity to my points. Even if you might be right about her being a solid fashion icon (and, as I’m sure you can see, I NEVER CLAIMED TO HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF FASHION), she is not a music revolutionary. End of story.

          • what the hell???
            of course gaga isnt fucking original

            everything in pop music is regurgitated and reused

            i admire gaga more because she seems like a kinder person and has actual talent
            she has a great voice (if you werent drowning in your ignorance you would have seen her countless acoustic performances and be able to know that unlike madonna lady gaga is a musician she can tickle the ivories and as for her voice she actually has good technique – based on her placement, how she approaches belted notes, and her stunning vibrato)

            of course gaga isnt the best singer in the world, but the best singer in the world hasnt been discovered he/she is probably in the shower singing to themselves unknown by the billions of people who live on this planet

            she isnt innovative but you can appreciate she isnt going with the trend of being boring pop star like rihanna or katy perry
            the girl can sing and she does have vision

            and madonna was not fucking original – there is a long list of copyright infringment lawsuits stacked against madonna during her day and she is known for “collaborating” with songwriters and then changing a few words and claiming that she wrote the song

            hmmm lady gaga writes all of her own music….
            her own lyrics – im sorry but i remember vividly that all of madonna’s biggest hits were written by other people not her

            if you look at imagery then yes i can see why you say gaga isn’t innovative but as for talent gaga is a hell of a lot more authentic than madonna was
            look up edge of glory HD born this way ball in japan
            look at her singing the national anthem at nyc pride
            look at her acoustic performances – all of which prove she is talented

            lol why is gaga being called a “fake”
            are nicki minaj, katy perry, taylor swift, rihanna being original??? NOPE its all been done before

            i respect your opinion but you are ignorant
            gaga is heaps more talented vocally and musically than madonna
            who gives a fuck if she used the same chord progression in born this way that madonna used in express yourself??? too bad express yourself peaked at number two on the billboard hot 100 and born this way debuted at number one and stayed there for six consecutive weeks – it became the 1000th number single in billboard history and it was the first number one to include the word gay – or lesbian, straight, transgender

            its sad also that people downplay gaga’s philanthropy for LGBT causes because madonna has done SHIT for my community and gaga has done countless things for us – if anyone is using the gay community its madonna because she doesnt actually do anything for us besides a few protests and a few controversial speeches here and there – lady gaga is active in her philanthropy for the gay community ever since the start of her career and still to this day

          • To: cd89

            Please google what paragraph formatting is before subjecting everyone to your poorly constructed, emotionally driven argument.

            And for the record: we can see that u mad, but you need to calm down. There’s barely a logical point in your argument, so from the perspective of someone who has been of little opinion of Lady Gaga for the past few years, you’re really just tossing free points to Davids camp.

            When did Lady Gaga fanatics start coming to this website anyways?

      • thats why madonna was sued multiple times right for copyright infringment and there are many sites that show how many “looks” madonna copied from other artists, actresses, and singers right



        and wow surface over substance????????????
        correct me if im wrong but has madonna not been lip syncing her songs for most of her career? – lady gaga has never lip synced any of her songs
        madonna has other songwriters write her biggest hits – gaga writes all of her own material
        what vision did madonna have??? kissing britney spears on national tv and releasing a whole book with pictures of her naked? who are you to say gaga uses cheap gimmicks when madonna is the queen of gimmicks

        as far as talent gaga beats madonna by miles – strip them both down and give them one instrument and gaga will embarass madonna
        even madonna fans admit gaga is more talented
        and you focusing on image opposed to actual talent and musicianship are being hypocritical – you are the one focusing on surface over substance

        • Okay jeremiah (not entirely sure you’re not just CD89 again) you need to calm down. First of all, pop music deserves to be taken seriously at least some level, and can at times be original. Thats cool that you’re still in your “I’m just learning about music and pop music sux!” phase, but you will some day realize it plays in important role in cultural trends, and is in fact a genre no better or worse than any other.

          A big problem here is your perception of Madonna is obviously so post Ray of Light that its kind of pathetic. There’s a reason why Madonna is the highest selling female artist of all time, To deny her of how she pioneered transgressive pop music in the 1980′s is as boneheaded as believing that anything Lady Gaga has done since has surpassed something like Like a Prayer or Express yourself (Which she DID in fact write.)

    • I’ll give you that she has some actual musical abilities and sounds good live, but her image is just the most ridiculously contrived garbage I’ve experienced in my thirty plus years as a hard core music fan. It’s just awful, it’s what made her famous and it forever turned me off. For me it will ALWAYS overshadow her music and her musical ability, and it’s nobody’s fault but her own.

      And yes, to be clear, I AM speaking about Lady Gargoyle, not LDR.

  12. LMAO Lana is sooo punk rock…and sooo Old School Williamsburg..yeah she was back there in the punk moshpits before williamsburg became hipster trustfundsville….I mean seriously too funny…by taking herself so seriously she is the one with egg on her face. The “cool people” who booed gaga offstage are probably far more contrived than gaga lol.

  13. Her marketing team are geniuses tho….I never posted a thing about either of them before this.

    • Yeah, plus she toured with the Dead Boys in ’78 you ingnoramus. Wait a minute, I just realized that person who’s been handing me free ish outside my bathroom this past week is her publicist.

  14. Judging by the photo, prior to Gaga stealing Madonna’s identity she tried her hand at being an Alternative Rock hipster like Lizzy Grant. I believe Lana knew gaga then, and those in her circle. Lana Del Rey writes very very personal songs. Her lyrics reveal truths about herself and lovers that aren’t particularly flattering so I do think this is true.

    • Actually, that picture of Gaga was taken less than two years ago, and definitely once she had blown up as Lady Gaga. Originally was a photo of her with Terry Richardson, notice shes wearing his dumbass glasses. So judging by your comment, it doesn’t look like you know what you’re talking about.

    • Ok first of all this image is photoshopped. Second of all, the original image is with her and Terry Richardson. Third, it was taken about two years AFTER she really blew up on the mainstream music scene. In conclusion, you’re wrong.

      • Oh, ripping off Lizzy Grant happened to be after ripping off Madonna. Got it. There was some ripping off Warhol and MIA thrown in somewhere, too, right?

        • ripping off warhol and MIA???
          haha bitch i can list a number of people madonna stole from
          shes a marilyn monroe wannabe have you not forgotten?

          lets see
          madonna ripped off:
          jean harlow
          jane mansfield
          gina lollobrigida
          marlene dietrich
          bette davis
          guy bourdin
          malcolm mclaren
          ingrid chavez
          fritz lang

          the list goes on
          we can go at this all day

      • You know too much about Gaga.

  15. soooooooooo punk rock!

  16. Can these two just cancel each other out?

  17. Guess what? They BOTH sexy!

  18. Finally, a celebrity feud I can really get invested in!

  19. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  20. Just ignore it and hope that it goes away.

  21. Lana Del Rey was at the first Can show, in Cologne
    Lana Del Rey was there in 1974 at the first Suicide practices at a loft in New York City
    Lana Del Rey was there when Captain Beefheart started up his first band
    She told him “don’t do it that way, you’ll never make a dime”
    Lana Del Rey was the first girl playing Daft Punk to the rock kids.
    She played it at CBGB’s
    Everyone thought she was crazy
    We all know
    She was there

    • She also introduced Iggy Pop to heroin and punched Nancy Spungen in the uterus.

    • I’m pretty sure she was standing right next to Siouxsie at one of the first Sex Pistols shows, too.

      Although… so were about a million other people if you listen to the legends of the time.

  22. no nice lana, i don’t love your song GAGA singels beter good to you

  23. BUT WAIT!, someone’s missing here…

    • She’s probably off trying to find her butt. Seriously… she has no butt. She’s like, the most un-butt having person I’ve ever seen.

  24. New York beefs are so cool. I wish I was as cool as they are. Maybe we should pay more attention to what these two are doing.

  25. i love LDR and Gaga and this track is four years old so i dont really care

    ill remain a fan of both

  26. I know this is a very late reply to an old thread, but I just want to go on record for saying that I hate the term “legit” even more then I hate Lana Del Rey, Lady GaGa, Gilbert Gotffried, Bill O’Reilly and Carrot Top all together in drinkable form, glass by glassful. Both women really have no class or distinction other then exploiting the media to further their flash in the pan song and (empty)dance.

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