Peter Gabriel - And I'll Scratch Yours

About three years ago, Peter Gabriel released his Scratch My Back album, on which he covered songs by people like Arcade Fire, Radiohead, David Bowie, and Bon Iver. At the time, the idea was that all the people Gabriel had covered would repay the favor and cover his older songs on another album. But time went on, Arcade Fire’s publicists said they weren’t doing it, and the whole thing sort of faded away. But it’s happening! The forthcoming compilation And I’ll Scratch Yours has Peter Gabriel covers from almost everyone who Gabriel covered on Scratch My Back; Neil Young and Radiohead are the only two holdouts. The LP includes previously-released songs like Bon Iver’s version of “Come Talk To Me,” Elbow’s “Mercy Street,” and David Byrne’s “I Don’t Remember,” as well as the Arcade Fire version of “Games Without Frontiers” that wasn’t supposed to happen. Feist, Stephin Merritt, Brian Eno, Paul Simon, and others also contribute. Check out the tracklist, and listen to most of the cuts, below.

01 David Byrne – “I Don’t Remember”
02 Bon Iver – “Come Talk to Me”
03 Regina Spektor – “Blood Of Eden”
04 Stephin Merritt – “Not One Of Us”
05 Joseph Arthur – “Shock The Monkey”
06 Randy Newman – “Big Time”
07 Arcade Fire – “Games Without Frontiers”
08 Elbow – “Mercy Street”
09 Brian Eno – “Mother Of Violence”
10 Feist – “Don’t Give Up” (Feat. Timber Timbre)
11 Lou Reed – “Solsbury Hill”
12 Paul Simon – “Biko”

And I’ll Scratch Yours is out 9/23 on Real World. Check out our ranking of PG’s discography, worst to best, here.

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  1. NO WAY.

    You think he read that critique of his albums on Friday and decided to bring this out as an “In your face”?

    If yes, hi Peter Gabriel! Sorry for bashing your covers album!

  2. Nice. I particularly enjoy Byrne’s cover of “I Don’t Remember.” Way too many songs from “So,” but I guess I’m just nitpicking.

  3. is that an album cover or are you just happy to see me?

  4. Damn- I am so excited for this. I personally loved Scratch My Back. But then again, I am a classical musician who grew up with a dad that pretty much only played So on repeat. I guess I’m a niche market.

  5. I remember reading about Peter Gabriel wanting this to happen whenever Scratch My Back came out. Honestly surprised that it came to fruition… no complaints, though. Plus it was nice to hear a clip (via Pitchfork) of whatever Arcade Fire’s new sound is these days.

  6. “Bowie and Radiohead are the only two holdouts”

    No, Eno is representing the Bowie/Eno axis that produced the song Gabriel covered. The holdouts are Neil Young and Radiohead.

    • Honestly, I’m not surprised that Radiohead didn’t want to “scratch” one. As much as I love Peter Gabriel, his version of “Street Spirit” is one of the worst things he ever recorded. I don’t know what he was thinking with that one.

  7. Really? You dangle this nice, ripe delicious looking strawberry in front of us poor monks hanging on a cliff and can’t give us a taste of “Big Time” by Randy Newman!? Cruel, I say. Perhaps even evil, like Mike Myers “E-Ville”. Give us some more, please?

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