When counting down the least boring moments of this year’s Grammys, Tom noted Chris Brown’s “theatrical sulking” — mainly that he stayed seated when Frank Ocean took the stage to receive the award for Urban Contemporary Album, for which Brown was also nominated. Today, Ocean rehashed that diss, adding more heft to the beef between the two singers, by posting a sreenshot of a text file on his Tumblr (as he is wont to do) with lyrics for a remix to Migos’ increasingly prevalent cut “Versace” from their Y.R.N. mixtape. In the lyrics, Ocean references that incident (“you can stay seated / I’m taking that Grammy”), the company he keeps (“Marina Abramovic Riccardo Tisci / Madonna Beyoncé / and Donatella* if you don’t believe me / believe what the blogs say”), and Brown’s relationship with Rihanna (“you had you a lady / then she hurt your ego / now you can’t forgive her”). He also indicts Brown as a formulaic artist, writing “you had a formula / one hit the wall / now you Aryton Senna [sic]” using the three-time Formula One champion Ayrton Senna’s fatal car crash as a symbol for Brown’s declining career — although, let’s be real here: dude lost an extreme amount of amnesty for other reasons. There’s no word on what set Ocean off to post that, although “Versace” is pretty much 2013 “Beamers, Benz, And Bentley,” as many other rappers (Game, Papoose) followed suit after Drake did his own remix and, perhaps, Ocean wanted to play, too. The image was, however, captioned with “no audio.” If Chris Brown responds, I’d prefer it in “Bando” remix format and not a Twitter rant. Thanks. Full Ocean lyrics below.

*Versace! (Versace Versace Versace Versace)

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  1. This beef would feel more two-sided if it wasn’t for the fact that one side is a universally adored, generation-capturing genius storyteller with a one of a kind voice and the other side is widely known as the scum of the earth.

  2. I’m on your side Frank, but don’t you think you could have waited until I was done processing the LDR/Lady Gaga beef?

  3. Ayrton Senna was a superstar who lived his life beyond the limit and transcended his field, Chris Brown… not that, so i assume the only thing FO knows about Senna is how he died

    • Also the formula reference (Brown’s writing is formulaic, Senna was a formula one driver), but yeah usually these comparisons are only supposed to go as far as the similarities that are spelled out for you.

  4. As always, Team Ocean.

  5. Seems like everyone’s piling on this guy. What did Chris Brown do to deserve this?……oh, right.

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