New Order on Fallon

Synthpop greats New Order have been making the late-night rounds on their most recent American reunion tour, to the point where it’s entirely possible that Bernard Sumner didn’t get this many chances to look elegantly dour on American TV back when New Order was actually releasing these songs. Last night, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon played host to the band. On the show itself, they played the classic “Love Vigilantes.” And as an online bonus, they also did the just-as-classic “Regret.” Watch both below.

Man, those songs! Still so good!

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  1. Can I just say how much I love how dorky Bernard Sumner has gotten with age? He didn’t really have much of a distinct public persona for a long time, but since NO have been touring again he’s really come into his own as the dorky lovable dad of indie rock.

  2. Sumner obviously can’t stand the guy, but I think I have to agree with Peter Hook when he says it’s criminal to tour as New Order without him in the band. those bass lines are the heart of those songs. the guy playing performs admirably and the band sounds great, but if Hooky isn’t there, it’s just not New Order.

    • Who do you think the bigger dick is: Bernard or Capt. Hook? (IS not HAS) I’ve never been able to get a sense of that, although I haven’t read much about it. It just seems like Pete is complaining a lot, but maybe there’s ground. Does N E 1 no?

  3. Supposedly Peter Hook’s quite a tool – I just don’t trust anyone who wears leather pants that often (or like, ever).

  4. Sorry, but for me, New Order without Hookie doesn’t make any sense. They should have changed names. Meanwhile, Peter Hook and the Light’s shows are incredibly good.

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