Capital Children's Choir

In recent years, Staten Island’s PS22 Chorus has been running shit in the incredibly limited realm of “kids’ choirs covering unlikely songs on YouTube.” But London’s Capital Children’s Choir is coming for that ass! The PS22 Chorus is still winning on overall cuteness and spirited glee, but the Capital Children’s Choir’s brand-new version of Crystal Castles’ “Untrust Us” is a spellbinding piece of music in its own right, a layered a cappella version of a song that was half-obfuscation to start with. Watch a video of the choir recording their version of the song at London’s Abbey Road below.

(via The Line Of Best Fit)

Someone please make a Pitch Perfect-style sports movie about rival kids’ choirs who record indie rock covers on YouTube.

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  1. THIS IS AMAZING. I want my children to sing cool songs at their school.

  2. Good job Capital Children’s Choir!
    This is a doc / short film about a Denver kids choir (303 Choir) singing harmonies on cellist Ian Cooke’s post-apocalyptic song ‘Rover’.

  3. That gave me chills!

    I was hoping that they’d cover the DFA1979 freakout at the end of the original… All the kids spazzing out for a 10 seconds burst would’ve been wild.

    Still amazing! I’d be flattered if I were Ethan Kath.

  4. I wonder if they realize they’re singing “La cocaina no es buena para tu salud”. Haha

  5. I love everything about this. Definitely a haunted quality to it

  6. Sweet! This is good stuff. And the PS22 kids are always amazing.

    Man…I would’ve actually joined choir as a kid if I could’ve busted out some of these jams.

  7. Sometimes a sentence into a post you can tell Tom wrote it, this being one of those awesome times. “Comin for that ass” – lol

  8. This is crazy good. I think this is what children’s music program should be.

  9. Swedish Women A cappella – Black Hole Sun – – Stockholm City Voices covers Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden / Chris Cornell)

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