Following issues with sexual assault activist group Take Back The Night, Justin Timberlake has released the video for The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2 lead single of the same name. The clip features three visions of Timberlake’s nighttime experience: at the club, the afterhours meal, and, of course, a live performance. Everyone’s shirts stay on this time. Check it out below.

The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2 is out 9/30 via RCA.

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  1. Pretty good video but what the fuck is JT wearing?

  2. Trying to take back “Take Back The Night” I guess?

    Joking aside, this video is slick. Beautifully shot, vivid colors. Only thing missing is a giant, random choreographed dance number in the streets. Maybe some of them could be picketing or something. But then they just all break down and everyone gets along and nobody violates anyone else. Just grooving.

  3. Still not big on the song—little too easy breezy for what is a lead single for a new album. And he’s getting closer to aping MJ than channeling him.

    • Sadly i agree, Few people root for JT more than me, I honestly feel like the majority of the stuff hes released this year has been stubbornly outdated and conservative.

      Particularly when you compare it to the Futuresex/Lovesounds album (which came out 6 years ago…), 20/20 feels conceptually (and especially) aesthetically outdated. I understand the attempt to reach a more “classic” sound but I don’t see many chances taken, I don’t really see much new. 20/20 could have come out 10 years ago, don’t you want to be a part of and/or change the modern music landscape?

      Much of this has to do with my opinion that Timberland – despite his stellar legacy – is just getting a bit long in the tooth and doesn’t have anything new to offer. JT and Jay’s decision to have him produce basically all their shit this year suggests to me that either A) they were doing some favors for an old friend or B) they simply aren’t aware of the breadth of current, talented producers who might be able to give them a different sound.

      JT fans waited 6 years for this double album, I know most of the fans wouldn’t be fully aware of the difference, but to make the same ho hum songs with Timberland and Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon (seriously fuck THAT guy) is just lazy and lame. Just think about all the fun producers it be nice to see JT working with these days…

  4. Kinda just looked like one long SNL intro.

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