Chance The Rapper - "Everybody's Something" video

Acid Rap, the new mixtape from the squeaky and inventive young Chicago rising star Chance The Rapper, might be 2013′s best mixtape to date. And now it gets another video, for the self-affirming jazzy lope “Everybody’s Something.” The Austin Vesely-directed clip shows Chance as a body floating through space, with images of his hometown projected over his own features, to weirdly moving effect. Watch it below.

(via Nah Right)

If you haven’t already, download Acid Rap here. It’s really good, I promise.

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  1. Actually my least favorite track off of the mixtape – which doesn’t count for much because it’s within my top 3 favorite releases this year – but I wish they’d made a video for a track like “Acid Rain” or “Pusha Man.” Still, very cool video.

  2. I dunno if it’s exactly new. Also – best mixtape feels like you’re selling it a bit short. One of the best releases of the year, regardless of price.

  3. Not a fan of this song. I think it’s pretty lazy at best, to take an already great hip hop track (“Fall in Love” by Slum Village), pitch it down a bit and sloppily ramble over it.

  4. I’m not huge on this song on it’s own, but I actually really like it in terms of the album as a whole.

    On a tangent, Fall In Love is one of the greatest beats ever produced. BadBadNotGood have an awesome cover of it that easily has over 50 plays on my music player.

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